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Dining - July 27, 2017
Friendship is at the heart of new Kompali taqueria on Brady
Kompali, a new full service taqueria, is on the way. And it promises both traditional and internationally inspired tacos, along with appetizers and tequila and mezcal-based cocktails. It will also cater to the late-night crowd on Brady with a kitchen that stays open until midnight.
Dining - July 27, 2017
Taste the Nostalgia: The Big Boy Reunion on Aug. 9
For folks who remember the heyday of the Marc's Big Boy restaurants, the flavors of the Big Boy Burger conjure a wealth of fond memories. Now, thanks to Ovation Communities, a bit of that nostalgia will return for one special day during the Big Boy Reunion.
Dining - July 27, 2017
Get a sneak peek at The Diplomat during Brady Street Festival
Anticipation has been mounting for the opening of The Diplomat, the new restaurant located in the former home of Bosley's on Brady at 815 E. Brady St. But, curious diners can get a sneak peek at the new space during a special open house during the Brady Street Festival
Dining - July 27, 2017
$7 Downtown Milwaukee lunch challenge: Soup House
I love the ritual of holing up with a steaming bowl of soup and some great bread and warming my soul from the inside out. And typically, a bowl of soup - even the delicious housemade variety - won't break the bank. Such is the case at Soup House.
Dining - July 26, 2017
Fried chicken, mac and cheese on the docket for Hot Head Fried Chicken
It's a great time to be a fried chicken lover in Milwaukee. In fact, the fried chicken scene, which includes favorites like The Tandem and Merriment Social, will get even better later this summer when Bumstead Provisions takes on a new identity as Hot Head Chicken.
Bars & Clubs - July 26, 2017
Centro owners to open Bar Centro in Riverwest
Riverwest will soon have a new place to gather. There's a new bar opening at 804 E. Center St. in the former home of the Peoples Books Co-Op. And it could open to the public as soon as October.
Dining - July 26, 2017
Downtown food trucks: Your guide to mobile eats every day of the week
The trickiest part of grabbing your meal from a food truck is determining where you're going to find one. Fortunately, we've got your number. This guide is tailor-made to be your go-to for where to find great food trucks in Downtown Milwaukee any day of the week.
Dining - July 25, 2017
3 dishes: Kenneth Hardiman of Mason Street Grill
In this series, we ask chefs to recommend three dishes that embody the best of what they offer. In this edition, we talk with Mason Street Grill's new executive chef, Kenneth Hardiman, about his take on some classic dishes from the restaurant's menu.
Festival Guide - July 24, 2017
You pick: Which new Wisconsin State Fair foods should we try?
There appears to be a variety of themes among the new dishes being offered at the Wisconsin State Fair - from new breakfast items, to bacon, unicorns and even (erp!) bugs. But, which ones should Lori Fredrich, our dining editor, try and review this year?
Dining - July 24, 2017
Jow Nai Fouquet announces September closing
Jow Nai Fouquet, the East Side restaurant specializing in fare from southern Thailand, has announced that it will be closing its doors sometime this September.
Bars & Clubs - July 22, 2017
Weekly Sips with Thirsty Passport: Braise Restaurant
I'm enamoured of grabbing a quick bite at the Braise Bar. There's plenty to love about the welcoming space where the bartenders are friendly and knowledgeable and there's always something interesting to nibble. It's even better when I've got a two-for-one deal in my pocket.
Dining - July 21, 2017
On the Burger Trail: The Mc Dot at Red Dot Tosa
Red Dot might be famous for its poutine (and that's a worthy reason to visit). But what about the burgers? We found out this week with a visit to the neighborhood bar in East Tosa.
Dining - July 20, 2017
Eat cake! A peek at Molly's Cafe & Pastry Shop, which opens Saturday
July 22 happens to be Pastry Chef Molly Sullivan's birthday. It's also the day on which her dream of opening a cafe comes true. So, when you pay your first visit to Miss Molly's Cafe & Pastry Shop, ordering a piece of cake is absolutely the right thing to do.
Dining - July 20, 2017
La Plancha Honduran restaurant to open on Historic Mitchell Street
La Plancha is slated to open on Historic Mitchell Street this fall. La Plancha, which means "the iron" in Spanish, will serve a combination of familiar Latin American fare, as well as Honduran specialties including baleadas, papusas and torrejas.
Dining - July 20, 2017
A local love story: Afro Fusion Cuisine partnerships beget growth
It's been five years since the launch of Afro Fusion Cuisine. And growth for the Wauwatosa-based small business has been based largely based on local support, including partnerships with Hometown Sausage Kitchen and Outpost Natural Foods Cooperative.
Dining - July 19, 2017
The Bacon Co. pop-ups are all about the pig
What do you picture when we say the word "bacon"? In all likelihood, your brain goes directly to the crispy, caramelized strips most often found on breakfast plates and in BLTs. But a new bacon-based restaurant concept is working to augment that vision.
Dining - July 19, 2017
8 quotable dishes to relish at the Ambassador Hotel's The Fitz
The new restaurant at the Ambassador Hotel was named with a nod to F. Scott Fitzgerald, an author whose beautiful prose ruled during the roaring '20s. Interestingly, that same prose is an apt descriptor for some of our favorite dishes at The Fitz.
Bars & Clubs - July 17, 2017
Martini is a no-go for Walker's Point; former Chez Jacques up for lease again
Looks like the former Chez Jacques location is up for grabs again. Plans for Martini, the bar, lounge and events space planned for the location, have since dissolved, leaving the building up for lease.
Dining - July 17, 2017
Charles E. Fromage to feature cheese, wine and more on Vliet Street
There's something delightful coming to the old LA Family Barbers space. And the venue's name and tagline are as clever as can be. Charles E. Fromage, "a place where adults can be adults," is both a play on words and an apt description of what guests will find.
Dining - July 17, 2017
Arancine are the belle of the ball at Festa Italiana
We're less than a week away from the 40th annual Festa Italiana (July 21-23), where one of the most popular dishes served is arancine, Sicilian fried rice balls. But, what are they? And how are they made. Dean Cannestra of Divino shows us how.
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