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Sports - Aug. 15, 2014
The GIVE Shirt Runathon gives around the world
Many people will find it easier to wrap their heads around the idea of a 24-hour run than to grasp what Thomas Budde seeks to accomplish with a charity called The GIVE Shirt. Larger nonprofits raise millions to fight cancer, save endangered species or fight domestic violence. Budde raises thousands, primarily to encourage people to give. Give what? Whatever they can.
Sports - July 31, 2014
MyTeam Triumph Wisconsin leaves disabilities in the dust
Adam Voisin used to travel to races and watch his mom run, while sitting in a wheelchair at the mile markers. Now, he counts them.
Sports - May 14, 2014
Images of Us puts girls in the game
Even if they're on the sidelines, Bernell Hooker wants girls to be in the game. That simple concept is the driving force behind Images of Us Sports, the small, non-profit organization Hooker founded to encourage girls to use athletics to improve themselves physically and mentally for a lifetime.
Travel & Visitors Guide - March 26, 2014
Menomonee River Parkway headed for a makeover
Wauwatosa officials strongly support plans to add a multi-use path for bikers, runners and walkers during a parkway reconstruction over the next two years.
Buzz - Feb. 17, 2014
Wii bowling adds to sisters' lives of spiritual success
The most impressive bowlers in Milwaukee don't knock down pins in the AMF Bowlero, but share dignity, grace and camaraderie by Wii bowling in a placed called the Motherhouse. I immediately thought it would be a fun, even comedic story, describing what these nuns were doing. After visiting with them, I found the more impressive and accurate tale rested in what they have done.
Kids & Family - Jan. 26, 2014
Bay View Middle School's unique bike build
Going beyond the dream of riding a bike, students in Bay View Middle School will design and build one, as part of the curriculum transforming the school into an engineering and technology academy.
Kids & Family - Nov. 26, 2013
Operation Dream teaches youths to build a solid foundation
On a miserably dreary Saturday morning in November, a half-dozen young men set about the menial task of chipping mortar off bricks piled in a wind-swept parking lot in the Schlitz Park office complex. Despite the chill, the gray sky and the seemingly unrewarding labor, all six worked without complaint. The young men have embraced the value of a job, a paycheck (even if small), discipline and respect through their participation in the Operation Dream mentoring program and its Operation Work component.
Sports - Oct. 29, 2013
Taking on the challenge to test CrossFit
Last month, I wrote about the dangers of CrossFit. I was then challenged to try it. I did, and was surprised by the result.
Buzz - Sept. 20, 2013
Volunteers, emotion fuel Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure
More than 18,000 people will gather on the Milwaukee Lakefront Sunday morning with the goal of raising $1.2 million to support the Komen Fund and breast cancer treatment and research. Their day of mourning, celebration, support and courage is made possible by the roughly 1,000 volunteers who spend about 10 months of the year devoted to the event and the cause.
Sports - Aug. 31, 2013
Surviving and thriving after cancer, Strutz inspired to tackle Ironman Wisconsin
At age 50, Laura Strutz is already a warrior, having defeated breast cancer. But on Sept. 8, she'll be an Ironman when she completes the storied triathlon.
Sports - July 31, 2013
Local organizers look for a championship performance hosting USA Triathlon
Hosting one of the largest triathlon events in the country on Aug. 10 and 11 presents an opportunity to establish Milwaukee as a destination for the country's best athletes and Olympic-caliber events, and tap a potentially lucrative segment of the tourism market.
Buzz - July 20, 2013
New Berlin mom ready to run 218 miles in nine days
Anne Coffman has helped people with disabilities throughout her career as a physical therapist, always in short bursts of exercise and coaching. In contrast, her next session - devoted to helping people with multiple sclerosis - will stretch for nine days and 218 miles.
Buzz - July 13, 2013
Pewaukee Triathlon: Swim test adds safety for race rookies
While Braun touted Pewaukee as the first triathlon in the country to impose a swim-test rule for rookies, water safety has become a main point of emphasis for the roughly 4,300 events sanctioned by USA Triathlon each year, and for good reason. At least four people have died swimming in triathlons in Wisconsin over the past four years.
Kids & Family - June 29, 2013
Kids marathon puts running and reading on summer to-do lists
Parents dreading their kids' summer boredom and those "awww mom" moments can thank veteran marathoner Bill Schneider for creating an incentive to get youngsters reading and running.
Sports - June 21, 2013
Pro bicycling's annual stop in Shorewood
Shorewood residents have become accustomed to the annual intrusion of pro bicyclists on their tree-shaded streets, but for some the high-level criterium racing in the Tour of America's Dairyland remains a mystery.
Sports - June 15, 2013
Badgerland Striders set the pace for new track in the Pettit National Ice Center
Propelled by a $90,000 contribution from the Badgerland Striders, the marathon of replacing the running track in the Pettit National Ice Center has reached the finish line. Workers from Spec Athletics began installing the new Kombi rubber surface earlier this week and will complete the job around June 23.
Sports - June 7, 2013
Spartan Race on Bradford Beach: Train to be Braveheart
Joe De Sena wants to find the likes of Rocky Balboa, William Wallace (think Braveheart) and Russian Empress Catherine the Great on Bradford Beach Saturday morning. Breaking people, pushing them beyond their limits and forcing them to face adversity and recreate themselves as "better humans" is De Sena's business, and his Spartan Race series is big business.
Sports - June 1, 2013
Milwaukee Kayak Co. opens a watery path to explore the city
Starting Saturday morning, Handle's Milwaukee Kayak Co. will rent canoes and kayaks for paddling excursions on the city's rivers. It's a business start-up in pure form.
Sports - May 17, 2013
Couple expands love of terror: Wisconsin Zombie Mud Run
The husband-wife operators of the ghoulishly acclaimed Wisconsin FearGrounds have created a new haunt that makes "run for your life" a realistic exercise.
Sports - May 4, 2013
Welcome to the Rock Sports Complex
Franklin Mayor Tom Taylor threw out the first pitch to open the Rock Sports Complex last weekend, and in a couple months someone will take the opening plunge on the mountain bike park being sculpted on the former landfill previously known as Crystal Ridge.
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