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Movies & TV - Oct. 19, 2017
From cell calls to casting calls: Local engineer stars in new Verizon ad
Daniel Schmidt is not an actor. The last time he can remember taking the stage was in grade school. But tonight the system performance engineer's face will be seen across millions of televisions across the country in a new commercial for Verizon.
Dining - Oct. 18, 2017
Watch: Rolling ice cream with Fro Zone
This afternoon on Facebook Live, we rolled into Fro Zone, the newly opened ice cream shop on Brady Street, to roll some special ice cream sundaes with the help of co-owner Mike Kaid. Or more like Kaid made ice cream rolls and I just made a mess.
Movies & TV - Oct. 18, 2017
Milwaukee Film announces new attendance record, audience award winners
Anyone who attended the Milwaukee Film Festival earlier this month knows it was a hit. Today, however, Milwaukee Film released the official numbers to prove it, breaking records in attendance and sellouts.
Movies & TV - Oct. 18, 2017
"This Is Us" recap: The Pearsons battle chicken pox, racism and a big new twist
"Still There" was unfortunately the kind of episode that made me wary of watching "This Is Us" in the first place. But even when "This Is Us" is being very "This Is Us"-like, it can still result in a pretty good hour of TV.
Dining - Oct. 17, 2017
Burning Through Brew City: Jonny Hammers' Too Hot For A Normal Person wings
This week, for the first time, we're going off the map and letting a random reader recommendation guide our way. His pick? Jonny Hammers and its Too Hot For A Normal Person wings. We'll see if they live up to that name.
Sports - Oct. 17, 2017
Mourn the loss of Aaron Rodgers with the Manitowoc Minute
It's been 48 hours since Aaron Rodgers' collarbone broke, along with the collective spirit of the Green Bay fan base, but we're still in a somber mood about the whole thing. But what better way to help us mourning Packer Backers "keep 'er movin'" than the Manitowoc Minute.
Movies & TV - Oct. 17, 2017
"Dancing with the Stars" recap: Disney Night delivers the first perfect dance
Who conjured some Disney magic on Corporate Synergy Night, and who was a "Mars Needs Moms" or "John Carter"-level disaster? The judges had their say, but here's our scores from Monday night's "Dancing with the Stars."
Dining - Oct. 16, 2017
Oh deer god, Arby's venison sandwich will return this weekend
Arby's has worked hard over the past several years to live up to its beefy boast that it has the meats - and that now includes a venison sandwich, which it'll release across the country for one day this weekend.
Movies & TV - Oct. 13, 2017
Where to watch 2017 Milwaukee Film Festival movies now
The 2017 Milwaukee Film Festival may be done (*sheds tear*), but that doesn't mean the movies playing there for the past two weeks will disappear. Here's where you can find some of the festival picks you might've missed.
Movies & TV - Oct. 13, 2017
MFF's closing night pick "Landline" dials up a quality comedic connection
The results of "Landline," the second pairing of writer-director Gillian Robespierre and Jenny Slate, are almost as messy as the discombobulated clan in the middle of it all - but thankfully just as funny, honest and endearing too.
Arts & Entertainment - Oct. 12, 2017
New Bucks arena books Jim Gaffigan as its first comedy show
Today, the new Downtown arena began filling out its inaugural schedule by announcing one of its first non-sports acts: comedian Jim Gaffigan, who will perform the building's first comedy show on Saturday, Sept. 22 next year.
Movies & TV - Oct. 12, 2017
Milwaukee Film Festival flicks to pick: Day 15
How ... how is the Milwaukee Film Festival ending already? Well, what better way to end the festival than with a movie pick that exemplifies just one of the lovely roles Milwaukee Film plays for film fans in the city: "Landline."
Dining - Oct. 11, 2017
Burning Through Brew City: Margarita Paradise's Diablo burrito
The Diablo burrito at Margarita Paradise certainly has the name of a taste bud burner, but can the dish live up to its devilish reputation? Burning Through Brew City faces this demon and sees which circle of purgatory it lands on.
Movies & TV - Oct. 11, 2017
"This Is Us" recap: "Deja Vu" opens up about opening up - and also Sly Stallone
"Deja Vu" was a really good episode for "This Is Us" - and an even better episode for Sylvester Stallone, who guest stars this week as Kevin's fellow actor in a war movie. But the real war is inside Kevin and Jack.
Movies & TV - Oct. 10, 2017
"Dancing with the Stars" recap: Dance, sob, score a 24, repeat
Which tearjerking tandem topped the list on Most Memorable Year Week on "Dancing with the Stars" Monday night? The judges had their say, but here's our rankings from a sob-filled showcase.
Marketplace - Oct. 9, 2017
Help finally bring Bublr Bikes to Riverwest
Bublr Bikes has 61 locations throughout the city of Milwaukee - and somehow not one of them is in the bike-happy neighborhood of Riverwest. Now Bublr wants your help in changing that and bringing some bikes to the block.
Movies & TV - Oct. 9, 2017
The man versus machine board game battle doc "AlphaGo" comes out a winner
A board game may not be the fiery robo-pocalypse hellscape you were expecting for the latest cinematic battle between man and machine, but "AlphaGo" still packs plenty of big ideas for the future's potential - both tantalizing and terrifying.
Movies & TV - Oct. 7, 2017
"The Blood is at the Doorstep" cuts deep into the full Dontre Hamilton story
The Dontre Hamilton case receives an essential outlet in "The Blood is at the Doorstep," shining a light into one of the city's darkest chapters and trying to find something resembling clarity amongst the murk.
Movies & TV - Oct. 6, 2017
"The Blood is at the Doorstep" director talks shining a light on a dark chapter
Milwaukee filmmaker Erik Ljung aims to fix much of the misinformation and confusion about the Dontre Hamilton case that with his documentary "The Blood is at the Doorstep" - and he doesn't expect it to be easy.
Arts & Entertainment - Oct. 5, 2017
"The Hot Mikado" opens the Skylight season with a mix of old and new
It's a year of both new and old for the Skylight Music Theatre - so what better way to open a season of both change and familiarity than "The Hot Mikado," the raucous update of Gilbert and Sullivan's century-old opera which opened last weekend.