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Movies & TV - Sept. 14, 2012
Marie Antoinette drama "Farewell, My Queen" no reason to lose your head
Why is it so hard to make a good movie about Marie Antoinette? "Farewell, My Queen" is not nearly as self-obsessed or dull as Coppola's 2006 take, but the film still falls into several of the same traps.
Music - Sept. 14, 2012
Cursive draws audience in with high-concept indie rock
For many people, cursive is a type of elegant, flowing writing that most children are forced to learn in grade school. For knowledgeable music fans, however, Cursive represents something far more interesting and a whole lot more entertaining.
Movies & TV - Sept. 11, 2012
The five most tolerable video game movies
Ever since "Super Mario Bros." disappointed children everywhere in 1993, video game movies have been synonymous with abominations. However, in honor of the somehow fifth "Resident Evil" movie hitting theaters this weekend, I'll attempt to be optimistic and list the five most tolerable video game films.
Movies & TV - Sept. 9, 2012
Sweet indie "Robot & Frank" surprisingly human
Even with stars like Frank Langella and Susan Sarandon, it's hard to read the premise of "Robot & Frank" without being skeptical. Luckily, thanks to some charming performances and a surprisingly clever script, "Robot & Frank" ends up being much more than just a gimmick.
Movies & TV - Sept. 8, 2012
"The Cold Light of Day" thankfully fades from memory
"The Cold Light of Day" fits nicely into this subcategory of vanilla action films. It boasts some well-known actors, and the lack of publicity ensures the film will be doomed at the box office. However, even with the bar set so low an ant would struggle to get under it, this incredibly incompetent thriller still manages to fall short of its almost non-existent expectations.
Movies & TV - Sept. 7, 2012
Don't buy what "Branded" is selling
Every now and then, a small indie film will manage to fight its way through the big-budget blockbusters and make its way onto a screen at a multiplex. It's easy to see these small, unknown films in the movie listings and find yourself intrigued by its obscurity and buried treasure potential. Unfortunately, sometimes the risk doesn't pay off.
Movies & TV - Sept. 4, 2012
Five movies to look forward to this fall
It seems summer has run its course, but the arrival of fall brings a collection of new movies hoping to entertain audiences and be in the conversation for end of the year awards. Here are five highly anticipated movies that make waving goodbye to summer a lot less painful.
Movies & TV - Sept. 3, 2012
All hail "The Queen of Versailles"
Director Lauren Greenfield didn't choose an easy story. Her documentary, "The Queen of Versailles," chronicles the trials and tribulations of an obscenely wealthy family, learning to come down to Earth after living in the clouds. It's a fascinating story that manages to make the audience care about its star family even while they infuriate the viewers at the same time.
Movies & TV - Aug. 31, 2012
"The Possession" loses its grip on reality
It seems like every horror movie these days is "based on a true story." In our cynical age, it's unlikely anyone is walking into "The Possession" thinking that everything on screen really happened. And despite a solidly chill-inducing first hour, its absurd and goofy final act will ensure it.
Movies & TV - Aug. 28, 2012
Five underrated horror movies
Horror movies are often boom or bust, and at $10 a ticket, it's an expensive gamble. So in case "The Possession" falls on its face, here are five underrated horror films that you can watch in the comfort of your own home (probably with the lights on).
Movies & TV - Aug. 25, 2012
"Celeste and Jesse Forever" a mainstream rom-com in disguise
Most indie romantic comedies all start to read like a collection of remakes. Every one has the same set of characters with the same set of issues, working their same trendy jobs and hanging out with the same band of friends while the same indie soundtrack plays during montages. "Celeste and Jesse Forever" is different in the fact that it's not an indie movie.
Movies & TV - Aug. 24, 2012
Lifeless "Apparition" nothing to be scared of
It's fitting that mold plays such a significant role in "The Apparition." The PG-13 horror film has been growing some mold of its own sitting on Warner Bros.' shelf, waiting to be released. Now, after being pushed back almost an entire year, it's finally (and unceremoniously) hitting theaters.
Movies & TV - Aug. 22, 2012
Crass, unbalanced "Hit & Run" more of a crash and burn
As one scene ended and another began during "Hit & Run," a common thought kept reoccurring in my mind: Was that supposed to be a funny scene? This is not a good question to have, especially if the movie in question is supposed to be a comedy.
Movies & TV - Aug. 22, 2012
Planes, trains and ice cream trucks: 5 ridiculous vehicle-driven action movies
Maybe it's because I don't live in a big city like New York, but the "Premium Rush" idea of a lowly bike messenger being so crucial to a story seems pretty goofy. The Joseph Gordon-Levitt thriller seems pretty sane, however, when compared to these five other absurd transportation-based action films.
Movies & TV - Aug. 20, 2012
"Your Sister's Sister" keeps best drama in the family
As moviegoers became exhausted by Hollywood blockbusters, independent movies grew in popularity. Unfortunately, indie films began to wear down audiences with their own brand of overdone quirks and cliches. Thus was born mumblecore, an intensely low-budget independent subgenre defined by naturalistic dialogue and performances that attempt to bring reality back to indie cinema.
Movies & TV - Aug. 18, 2012
"Neil Young Journeys:" good concert, mediocre film
You don't get to be an influential figure in the music industry without being a good live performer. In "Neil Young Journeys," the legendary folk rocker makes that point vividly clear. Unfortunately, this is a concert film, and while the concert part is enjoyable enough, the actual film aspect is severely lacking.
Movies & TV - Aug. 17, 2012
"Expendables"' second shot hits closer to the mark
If you manage to shut down your thinking parts for two hours, you'll probably find a lot to enjoy in "Expendables 2." Does it come through completely on the promise of '80s action heroes kicking butt in the name of justice and a good time? Not quite, but it's close.
Movies & TV - Aug. 14, 2012
Five terrifying movies somehow made for kids
Zombies and ghosts are definitely not typical kids' fare. Hollywood, however, does have a history of making terrifying, nightmare-inducing movies that can chill both children and adults to their bones. Here are five films supposedly for kids that filled children with terror and parents with regret.
Movies & TV - Aug. 11, 2012
"Ruby Sparks" a flawed but clever indie gem
"Ruby Sparks" is a pleasant surprise, evolving the "Manic Pixie Dream Girl" trope into something smarter and more clever than the marketing would have moviegoers believe.
Movies & TV - Aug. 10, 2012
"The Campaign" a strong candidate for laughs
If there's one place in America that could stand a break from politics, Wisconsin would be it. Politics-weary audiences, however, need not fear "The Campaign."