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Movies & TV - Sept. 20, 2017
Last call for "30 Rock," "Love Actually" and more on Netflix in October
I hope you finished your Netflix binge of, well, pretty much every television show out there, because the streaming service is losing a lot of your favorite TV programs next month. Here's everything leaving next month.
Movies & TV - Sept. 19, 2017
"Dancing with the Stars" recap: The 25th season starts with fireworks and fizzle
Monday night's premiere of "Dancing with the Stars" marked the reality competition show's 25th year of existence. But why did this quarter-century extravaganza feel so stripped down? Here are our thoughts on the show - and the dances!
Bars & Clubs - Sept. 18, 2017
1983 Arcade Bar headed to Old World Third Street
Gather up your quarters, Milwaukee. Hot off the news of one arcade bar, Up-Down, moving into town, the fittingly named 1983 Arcade Bar also announced its plans to bring a blast to the past to the city.
Movies & TV - Sept. 16, 2017
Get free MKE Film Festival tickets from Associated Bank, Stone Creek Coffee
The only thing better than Milwaukee Film Festival tickets? Free festival tickets - and that's exactly what Milwaukee Film, Associated Bank and Stone Creek Coffee want to give you next week, Sept. 18-20.
Movies & TV - Sept. 14, 2017
Roll film: The 2017 Milwaukee Film Festival box office is now open
Wait no longer, fellow film fanatics: Today, Milwaukee Film officially cracked open its box office to the public. Here's how to get your tickets - plus some recommendations and program book Easter eggs to help fill out your schedule.
Sports - Sept. 13, 2017
Take your shot at singing the national anthem for an upcoming Bucks game
The Milwaukee Bucks sent out an official call today, inviting all singers and musicians - individuals or groups - to audition for the chance to perform "The Star-Spangled Banner" at a regular season home game this season.
Sports - Sept. 13, 2017
Brewers series against Marlins this weekend moved to Miller Park
For those who can't get enough of the Brewers' current playoff push, bonus baseball is headed to Milwaukee this weekend, as the Brew Crew's three-game series against the Miami Marlins has been moved to Miller Park.
Movies & TV - Sept. 12, 2017
Kid performances keep the slightly scary "It" adaptation afloat
It takes a lot of nerve to adapt Stephen King's monolithic "It" for the big screen. Unfortunately, save for coulrophobics and globophobes, the final product takes far less nerve to watch as a potent horror movie.
Movies & TV - Sept. 12, 2017
"Bachelor in Paradise" recap: A mess of a season mercifully ends
Maybe it was because Chris Harrison was having a bad night, or maybe there was a gas leak in my house, but Monday night's season finale of "Bachelor in Paradise" was a honest-to-god hoot - a laugh riot even!
Dining - Sept. 11, 2017
Burning Through Brew City: Glorioso's Human Torch sandwich
After last time swallowing a small tub of delicious pure napalm the Asian International Market calls papaya salad, it was a time for a bit of a cool down on the Burning Through Brew City beat - or not, thanks to a sandwich called the Human Torch.
Movies & TV - Sept. 8, 2017
Milwaukee Women's Film Festival persists in its pursuit of progress
With that defiant attitude, the Women's Film Festival marches back onto the big screen for its second year, kicking off another weekend of female-fronted movies on Friday at 7 p.m. at the Underground Collaborative.
Music - Sept. 7, 2017
Rock The Green act Barns Courtney talks breaking out, breaking his foot
It's been an exciting time of big breaks for English rocker and Rock the Green performer Barns Courtney - quite literally, as the singer-songwriter broke his foot last time he was in town, leaping off the Miller Lite Oasis stage at Summerfest.
Sports - Sept. 6, 2017
Aaron Rodgers: MVP quarterback and A-grade plumber
It's Sunday on Labor Day weekend, your kitchen sink is broken, and all the plumbers in town have closed up for the weekend. What do you do you? Call your friendly, neighborhood two-time NFL MVP, obviously.
Arts & Entertainment - Sept. 6, 2017
It's a date: Gibraltar and the MSO team up for a night of live chamber music
In less than a year, Gibraltar has quickly and quietly assembled an impressive repertoire of themed music nights. And one of their coolest Date Night events - teaming up with the MSO for nights of live classical music - is returning this month.
Movies & TV - Sept. 6, 2017
"Bachelor in Paradise" recap: Double trouble in just one hour
Can we savor that this was the first and only week of "Bachelor in Paradise" with no talk of the DeMario and Corinne drama? No wonder this week seemed more enjoyable than usual. And Tuesday night's entry was only an hour!? It must be my birthday!
Movies & TV - Sept. 5, 2017
10 Milwaukee Film Festival must-sees
While we're all assembling our screening schedules, I'd like to do my part in helping you find the cinematic gems, both obvious and obscure, at the Milwaukee Film Festival with my 10 must-see screenings.
Movies & TV - Sept. 5, 2017
"Bachelor in Paradise" recap: Kristina solves Dean's love triangle for him
Labor Day provided no day of rest for the drama on "Bachelor in Paradise," as two new dudes arrived at the beach, several date cards were dished out, the rose ceremony bloomed early and love triangles collapsed.
Arts & Entertainment - Sept. 1, 2017
Tiny stages, big talent: 8 smaller theater groups to support
The grand giants only tell part of the story about Milwaukee's theater scene; to get the full picture, you need to venture to the smaller companies, scraping by with limited resources but an unlimited amount of talent, vision and love for live performance.
Movies & TV - Aug. 30, 2017
Fall movie preview: What you'll be watching on the big screen in September
Not that it would be difficult to rise up from the below rock bottom state of August movies, but there is reason for hope on the horizon for Hollywood: a promising upcoming September slate. Here's what you'll be watching next month.
Movies & TV - Aug. 30, 2017
"Bachelor in Paradise" recap: Corinne closes the book on the controversy
You know how this works. First, "Bachelor in Paradise" drags out its sexual misconduct drama, then it awkwardly wastes time, and I lose my mind - probably while screaming with the caps lock on. But here's something new: I actually didn't hate last night's episode.
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