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Travel & Visitors Guide - Nov. 19, 2017
A holiday hotel getaway in the heart of Downtown
I'm not much of a believer in staycations or in celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving. So, of course, I found myself taking a Christmas in November vacation a block from my office. It was a night that made me a believer.
Music - Nov. 16, 2017
Rapper Supaman talks Standing Rock and mixing Native traditions with new beats
Before he takes the MAM After Dark stage Friday night, OnMilwaukee chatted with rapper Supaman about finding his voice between two cultures, his experience at Standing Rock and being a proud Native American in 2017.
Movies & TV - Nov. 15, 2017
Matt's Hallmark Holiday Hell: "Miss Christmas"
For my first Hallmark movie torture session, I thought it would be best not to stray too far from my comfort zone - and what would be better than a Hallmark movie that takes place in Wisconsin!
Movies & TV - Nov. 15, 2017
"This Is Us" recap: "Number One" gives Kevin the spotlight and a little sympathy
I got my wish, as "Number One" started off a three-episode run with each show dedicated to an individual member of the Big Three. WOO! Annnnd we're starting with Kevin. Well, you can't get everything you want.
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Movies & TV - Nov. 14, 2017
"Dancing with the Stars" recap: The final four - and why each will or won't win
Who will win next week in the season finale of "Dancing with the Stars"? I went through each remaining contestant to see why they've got a chance and why they'll come up short. The results ... really shouldn't surprise you.
Dining - Nov. 10, 2017
Burning Through Brew City: Hot Head's 414 Fire fried chicken
After our first test of Hot Head's spice level landed a little lukewarm, the Bay View restaurant actually went back to the kitchen and challenged us with a new hellish concoction: 414 Fire fried chicken. And how could we say no to a challenge?
Movies & TV - Nov. 9, 2017
Join Lakefront Brewery and Tom Hanks (kind of) for "Hanksgiving" at the Avalon
Why celebrate a regular Thanksgiving with the usual relatives when you can celebrate Hanksgiving with your relatives, friends AND America's dad, the one and only Thomas Jeffrey Hanks?
Movies & TV - Nov. 9, 2017
The opening credits roll tonight on the new Milwaukee Filmmaker Alliance
According to a new study, the Milwaukee film industry is five times bigger than the Brew City's beloved beer industry. And the Milwaukee Filmmaker Alliance, launching tonight, hopes to make the growing community even bigger and better.
Arts & Entertainment - Nov. 9, 2017
Lewis Black on comedy, drinking and relaxing during year one of President Trump
Before he hits The Pabst Theater stage this weekend, we chatted with comedian Lewis Black about today's exhausting politics, Wisconsin's impressive obsession with alcohol and artery-clogging foods, and his insane way of staying sane through it all.
Movies & TV - Nov. 8, 2017
"This Is Us" recap: The Pearsons have their day in court
Something's wrong with this world. I know because, in Tuesday night's episode of "This Is Us," the stuff involving Toby was some of the most enjoyable material of the hour. This is not normal; do not normalize this.
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Movies & TV - Nov. 7, 2017
The Times Cinema will bring "My Friend Dahmer" to town for Thanksgiving
It likely won't be the most appetizing holiday movie, but The Times Cinema has booked screenings of "My Friend Dahmer," the new independent film about the teenage years of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, beginning Wednesday, Nov. 22.
Movies & TV - Nov. 7, 2017
"Dancing with the Stars" recap: So we all know who's going to win, right?
I never thought I'd be upset about a Packers game preempting the star of "Agent Cody Banks" dancing for my amusement, but thanks to how awful and despairingly hapless Green Bay looked on Monday Night Football against the Detroit Lions, here we are.
Movies & TV - Nov. 6, 2017
Tis the season: A guide to the Hallmark Channel's Christmas movie lineup
For many, the Christmas season has already started, even if we're still several weeks away ... from Thanksgiving. In fact, for some especially Christmas-craving folk, the best part of the holiday season has already begun: the Hallmark Channel original movies.
Holiday Guide - Nov. 6, 2017
Have a holly, jolly, creepy Christmas with Milwaukee's first annual Krampusnacht
The Krampus craze has come to the Cream City, as the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference will host the city's first annual Krampusnacht on Tuesday, Dec. 5, at Lakefront Brewery - complete with a menacing monster march.
Bars & Clubs - Nov. 2, 2017
Watch out, Pedal Tavern: Amsterdam bans its version of the bar on wheels
Amsterdam is infamous for being a city of freedom - but apparently pedal taverns are a beer-soaked freedom too far, as a court ruling on Tuesday banned the Amsterdam version of the pedal tavern.
Arts & Entertainment - Nov. 1, 2017
4 reasons you need to be at the Milwaukee Ballet's "La Boheme"
"La Boheme" is a classic opera tale - but by no means dusty, thanks to artistic director Michael Pink and his team of terrific dancers. Need proof? Here's four reasons why you need to live la vie Boheme with the Milwaukee Ballet this weekend.
Movies & TV - Nov. 1, 2017
"This Is Us" recap: A trip to the Big Three's 20s is no trick, all treat
Let's not get distracted by the great Halloween costumes and lose sight of what really made this hour of "This Is Us" soar: Mandy Moore knocked Tuesday night's one-off trip to 2008 out of the goddamn park.
Dining - Oct. 31, 2017
13 scariest dishes in Milwaukee
It's Halloween season, and that means everyone's decked in their scariest outfits and heading out to see the scariest movies in theaters. But why stop there? Why not spread some terror to the dinner table, as well?
Movies & TV - Oct. 31, 2017
"Dancing with the Stars" recap: Halloween Night comes with a killer twist
Which survivors look secure coming out of Halloween Night and which ones should remain scared for the next week? The judges had their say, but here's our take on last night's spooky steps on "Dancing with the Stars."
Dining - Oct. 30, 2017
Burning Through Brew City: Huan Xi's hot pot
Broth's been a big deal on the East Side, with now three ramen restaurants vying for your taste buds' attention. But we are not here this week to talk ramen. We are here to hot pot - and see just how hot it is.
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