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Rick Rodriguez's Articles
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Dining - Feb. 9, 2017
In search of Milwaukee's perfect pizza
Milwaukee loves pizza. Our neighborhoods are filled with pizzerias - all unique, bursting with flavor and filled with storied histories. One Milwaukeean has eaten his way through the lion's share. His hard work translates into your guide to great pizza in greater Milwaukee.
Dining - Oct. 11, 2016
In search of the perfect pizza: Rick's favorites
Rick Rodriguez has been blogging about his search for the perfect pizza for four years. Now that he's retiring from his post, he shares some favorite spots from the past few years as well as parting words for readers who've followed his adventure.
Dining - Sept. 7, 2016
In search of the perfect pizza: Jimmy's Grotto
In his 100th pizza blog, Rick ventures out to Waukesha where, upon the recommendation of a friend or two, he tries pizza, garlic cheese bread and ponza rottas from Jimmy's Grotto. What's a ponza rotta? Well, you'll have to read to find out.
Dining - Aug. 3, 2016
In search of the perfect pizza: Fixture Pizza Pub
Rick Rodriguez says he doesn't think he's ever written about a pizza place as new as Fixture Pizza Pub. In this installment of his pizza blog, he gives the lowdown on the space, the food and a few other interesting facts about the owners and offerings.
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Dining - July 15, 2016
Rick's Picks: Top 10 pizzas in Milwaukee
Rick Rodriguez is often asked "who makes the best pizza?" or "who makes your favorite pizza?" The latter is a difficult question to answer, and the former is nearly impossible to answer. Still, here are some his top picks for Milwaukee pizza.
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Dining - July 6, 2016
In search of the perfect pizza: Shaker's Cigar Bar
Sometimes Rick Rodriguez looks in unexpected places for pizza - like Shaker's Cigar Bar, for instance. But does this venue that regularly gets onto lists of the most haunted bars in America make the cut when it comes to delicious pizza?
Dining - June 1, 2016
In search of the perfect pizza: Zayna's
Despite a sizable menu that includes hand-tossed pizzas, pizza blogger Rick Rodriguez dings Zayna's Pizza for the dense crust and a Mexican pizza on which the toppings "could use a little tweaking."
Dining - May 4, 2016
In search of the perfect pizza: Carini's La Conca D'Oro
The folks at Carini's La Conca D'Oro have a long and storied history, with roots in Italy. They serve up authentic Neapolitan pizza, along with other Italian dishes including a variety of seafood entrees.
Dining - April 6, 2016
In search of the perfect pizza: Scotty's Bar and Pizza
It's not often Rick Rodriguez writes about reader-selected spots. But the words "thin crust," "good pizza" and "small bar" were repeated by enough people that he felt a visit to Scotty's was warranted.
Dining - March 2, 2016
In search of the perfect pizza: Albanese's Roadhouse
In addition to pizza, Albanese's offers a slew of specials, including wings, Sicilian style pork chops and Italian style fish fry on Fridays. They also happen to have gluten free pizza that's worth seeking out.
Dining - Feb. 3, 2016
In search of the perfect pizza: Doc's Dry Dock
Rick Rodriguez says the 25 minute drive to Doc's Dry Dock in Pewaukee is worth the trip, especially for their BBQ chicken pizza, which sported a crisp crust with spicy sauce and a special secret seasoning.
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Dining - Jan. 6, 2016
In search of the perfect pizza: Nori's
Rick Rodriguez tries out Nori's Pizza, a New York-style pizza spot that opened on South 13th Street in July. The verdict? Even after just a short period, Nori's seems to be establishing a reputation for good 'za.
Dining - Dec. 2, 2015
In search of the perfect pizza: Riverwest Pizza
Pizza lover Rick Rodriguez grew up in Riverwest and enjoyed pizza from two neighborhood restaurants. Since then, a void in neighborhood pizzerias developed. Fortunately, in December 2014, Riverwest Pizza opened.
Dining - Nov. 4, 2015
In search of the perfect pizza: Matteo's Italian Ristorante
Rick Rodriguez discovered Matteo's Italian Ristorante after seeing it in his entertainment book, so he drove to Waukesha to check out this classic spot, which serves up pizza along with numerous other specials.
Dining - Oct. 7, 2015
In search of the perfect pizza: Il Ritrovo
Rick Rodriguez has been waiting to go to this Sheboygan Neopolitan pizza spot for 10 years.
Dining - Sept. 2, 2015
In search of the perfect pizza: Zarletti Mequon
Zarletti Downtown is one of Rick Rodriguez's favorite restaurants, so when a new location opened in Mequon - and featured Neapolitan style pizza - he put it on his list to visit.
Dining - Aug. 5, 2015
In search of the perfect pizza: Coach's Pub & Grill
Rick Rodriguez visits Coach's Pub & Grill, where he samples their pepperoni and cowboy pizzas.
Dining - July 1, 2015
In search of the perfect pizza: Paisano's Italian Restaurant
Rick Rodridguez first learned about Paisano's in South Milwaukee from a Google search for South Side pizzerias, but recently a co-worker recommended them, so he decided to pay a visit.
Dining - June 3, 2015
In search of the perfect pizza: Bari Pizzeria
Rick Rodriguez's constant search for Milwaukee's best pizza takes him to West Allis, where he samples some slices at Bari Pizzeria.
Dining - May 6, 2015
In search of the perfect pizza: Mangia Wine Bar
Mangia Wine Bar received a major remodel a little over a year ago and features a wood burning pizza oven behind the bar, where patrons can enjoy a glass of wine or cocktail while pasta and pizza dough are being made just a few feet away. The combination of Executive Chef Jason Gorman and a wood burning pizza oven warranted a drive south to Kenosha for pizza.
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