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Sports - March 9, 2017
Take a swing at Rock League Baseball
Another season of Rock League Baseball kicks off Saturday, March 11, with open tryouts in four divisions of adult wooden bat baseball leagues. And there are plenty of reasons to play: competition, exercise, camaraderie or just a love of baseball.
Buzz - Feb. 6, 2017
Hard rights are the best rights
If we desire to have a future America where rights are subjective-free and will still apply equally to all, then you must support all rights for all Americans - even the ones you strongly are personally against, like Richard Spencer.
Buzz - Jan. 11, 2017
The return of the political whistle swallowers
Sports may be the birthplace of the phrase "swallowing their whistles," but it's far from the only place where it happens. After an eight year hiatus, critics of presidential politics are beginning to make their triumphant return to the arena.
Buzz - Jan. 4, 2017
The no-fault Congress
Despite walking back its plan to curtail the power of The Congressional Ethics Office, Congress was squarely blamed for its actions. I am here to convince you that the fault for this action is entirely misplaced. Congress isn't to blame; we are.
Buzz - Dec. 8, 2016
The Cream City conundrum
Now that the initial emotion from the Aug. 13 shooting of Sylville Smith by police officer Dominique Heaggan-Brown has subsided, it's time to take a look at some of the fiery rhetoric uttered that night - and look at the facts about life in Milwaukee.
Buzz - Nov. 17, 2016
Politics is not a team sport
American politics has moved from working together to benefit all involved to becoming a team sport, creating a distinct set of winners and losers - a trend that many founding fathers warned about excessively.
Living - May 6, 2016
When #NeverTrump means "never Trump"
Consider this John Mumper's official endorsement of Hillary Clinton for president. He certainly didn't think it would come to this. Endorse Hillary? What on Earth? A vote for a third-party choice isn't going to be enough repudiation of Trump conservatism.
Living - Jan. 15, 2014
Everybody is a bigot
2013 was the year of the bigot. There were many examples of alleged media fueled bigotry. The most famous were from celebrities such as Paula Deen, Alec Baldwin and Phil Robertson. However, there were millions and millions of less publicized examples throughout the country last year.
Sports - Nov. 15, 2013
An open letter to Mark Attanasio
I'd like to first start by thanking you for your investment in Milwaukee baseball. I'm old enough to remember the glory days, as well as the dry spell that came afterwards. As a diehard baseball fan, I appreciate all you have done to return Brewers baseball to respectability. It's with the goal of keeping the Brewers relevant in the long term that I write this letter.
Living - Nov. 3, 2013
Using regionalism to mask failure
I was intrigued for several reasons by the recent comments from Democratic candidate for governor, Mary Burke. Most surprising was her courage in finally taking a stance on any topic related to Wisconsin politics. However, it was her comments about education, and her trust in mother government, that got my attention.
Living - Oct. 18, 2013
A different way to look at health care
I must make a confession. At the risk of being labeled a RINO, I need to express my support for universal health care. Before being trashed by my fellow fiscal conservatives and being hailed by hapless progressives, let me explain.
Living - Oct. 9, 2013
No, you may not enter
The Boston bombing incident highlighted a new and disturbing trend in America. As the Boston police searched for the remaining suspect, they proceeded to enter homes in a forceful and right-seizing manner. While many residents willingly allowed heavily armed police to enter their home in the frantic search, others weren't allowed their constitutional rights.
Living - Aug. 6, 2013
Erasing and redrawing the lines of bigotry
The media has spent the last few years doing a great job of redrawing the lines of bigotry. It used to be that action predicated bigotry. Today, simply having a religious belief that opposes gay marriage will brand you as a bigot. This subtle change is no mistake and has been effective in turning the conversation of bigotry from actions to beliefs.
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#RaiseMKE - July 12, 2013
Poor isn't what it used to be
A recent Journal Sentinel watchdog article highlighted one of the many problems with how residents qualify for financial assistance. This article revealed how landlords and the self employed can receive state aid based on the honor system. In essence, we're talking about receiving thousands of tax payer dollars without being verified that economic assistance is even needed.
Living - June 26, 2013
Avoiding the scarlet letter
Recently, Madison Mayor Paul Soglin presented an idea that caught my attention. In a nutshell, he wants to require city contractors to disclose money contributed to political groups. The result would be that the mayor could then cherry pick which groups the city works with based upon political ideologies and not who is the best company for the job.
Living - June 13, 2013
Is Edward Snowden a hero or a traitor?
The Edward Snowden case is a fascinating look at the changing political climate in America. People who base their political outlooks on the Constitution are up in arms. The outrageous invasion of privacy is nothing new but is, all the same, alarming. I cannot support any policy that allows the government to freely spy on Americans not suspected of a crime.
Living - June 6, 2013
In the belly of the PETA beast
Tuesday marked my one-year anniversary as a vegetarian. I successfully went an entire year cutting out meat and fish from my diet. Since I'm not crazy, I allowed myself the luxury of dairy products. In all honesty, it was a difficult transition.
Tagged with: PETA, PR, vegetarians
Living - May 29, 2013
Losing trust in the government
At first, it seemed people that didn't trust the government lived in isolated rural outposts and were survivalists hell bent on avoiding taxes. There was a certain stigma attached to being a government dissenter. Alas, images of tin foil hats and mysterious black helicopters are easy to envision.
Tagged with: IRS, Benghazi, DOJ, AP
Buzz - May 17, 2013
Mr. Barrett, tear down this wall!
I love Milwaukee. As a kid living in rural communities, I couldn't wait to one day move to the big city. Summer festivals, Brewers games and Lake Michigan seemed to call my name at an early age. After graduating from college, there was little doubt where I would end up starting a life. That being said, the realities of living in the big city drew a stark comparison to the expectations I had built up in my own mind.
Living - May 10, 2013
The voter ID law and gun control hypocrisy
If you have a different stance on these two issues, then you are allowing your personal politics to override your principles. This is the key mistake many people make. When you follow what the Constitution says, and not what you want it to mean, you'll find that these issues often have a simple solution.
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