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#RaiseMKE - June 24, 2017
Black leaders call for peace, unity in wake of Sylville Smith verdict
The same night a verdict came down acquitting the Milwaukee police officer who shot Sylville Smith to death, grassroots leaders, activists and individuals close to Smith gathered in Sherman Park in a show of solidarity, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service reports.
#RaiseMKE - May 21, 2017
Common Council calls for reducing incarceration
The Milwaukee Common Council recently passed a resolution calling on Milwaukee County, the State of Wisconsin and the federal government to prioritize prevention and address crime holistically to reduce incarceration, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service reports.
#RaiseMKE - May 7, 2017
Community leaders: Public officials ignoring "public health crisis"
The City of Milwaukee, and its largest school district, have attempted to assure residents their water is safe amidst a growing concern about the negative effects of lead, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service reports.
Buzz - April 22, 2017
Sherman Park residents disapprove of plans to rebuild gas station
Sherman Park residents expressed concerns at a recent listening session about a proposal to rebuild a gas station that was burned to the ground during sometimes-violent demonstrations in August, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service reports.
#RaiseMKE - April 16, 2017
County, school board officials see collaboration opportunity in resource centers
The initial focus of a new Milwaukee County initiative to create "Community Restoration Centers" will be to provide employment and literacy services at Lincoln Park on the city's North Side, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service reports.
#RaiseMKE - April 9, 2017
Community support critical to Black Holocaust Museum's resurgence
On a recent morning in Bronzeville, a crowd of community members and city leaders gathered for the groundbreaking of the new Garfield Development - featuring a new location for the Black Holocaust Museum, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service reports.
Living - March 30, 2017
Residents express concern about handling of chemicals in nearby plant
Residents in the area of a factory that washes large containers used to transport chemicals expressed concern about the effect the mishandling and mixing of chemicals in these barrels has had on their neighborhood, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service reports.
Kids & Family - March 8, 2017
Critics fear MPS uniform policy will fail to achieve its goals
Critics of a new MPS policy requiring uniforms say it will not accomplish its goals to contribute to a positive school environment by minimizing bullying and lowering costs for low-income families, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service reports.
#RaiseMKE - Feb. 26, 2017
ACLU suit alleges MPD "stop-and-frisk" practices violate U.S. Constitution
On Wednesday, the ACLU and ACLU of Wisconsin announced a federal class action lawsuit challenging what they called "the unconstitutional [and] suspicionless stop-and-frisk program of the Milwaukee Police Department," Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service reports.
#RaiseMKE - Feb. 22, 2017
A focus on community persists at Milwaukee Christian Center
The mission of the Milwaukee Christian Center, which has existed for 95 years on Milwaukee's South Side, is to improve struggling communities by helping to lift people out of poverty, reports Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service.
#RaiseMKE - Feb. 11, 2017
Immigrants, advocates "stepping up the game" against executive orders
Two recent executive orders, signed by President Donald Trump, have Milwaukee green card holders and immigrant rights advocates worried that non-citizens may not be safe much longer, reports Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service.
#RaiseMKE - Jan. 29, 2017
Social cohesion in Amani contributes to decreased crime
Amani residents, neighborhood agencies and law enforcement officials have pointed to effective resident engagement and empowerment as the reason for the declining number of reported crimes in the area, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service reports.
#RaiseMKE - Jan. 11, 2017
Sherman Park residents voice reservations about new city housing program
An informational meeting Monday at City Hall disappointed city residents hoping to take advantage of a new program that will sell city-owned foreclosed properties for $1. Only developers can purchase the properties, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service reports.
#RaiseMKE - Dec. 25, 2016
Personal challenges make Heal the Hood founder a better leader
It was his experience as a black man and the birth of his son when Ajamou Butler was 21 that helped shape who he would become, known by many as founder of Heal the Hood, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service reports.
Buzz - Dec. 17, 2016
Community members commend charge in Sylville Smith case, renew calls for footage
In the aftermath of the decision to charge former MPD officer Dominique Heaggan-Brown in the August shooting of Sylville Smith, many are renewing calls to release body camera footage of the incident, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service reports.
#RaiseMKE - Nov. 10, 2016
Cincinnati's collaborative police reform effort offers model for Milwaukee
At a recent event hosted by the Community Coalition for Quality Policing, Cincinnati representatives talked about their city's collaborative police reforms called "one of the most successful ... efforts ever undertaken," Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service reports.
Kids & Family - Oct. 19, 2016
After OSPP victory, MTEA sets sights on increased funding
Despite the recent news that the Milwaukee Public Schools district is not subject to the Opportunity Schools Partnership Program in 2016-17, MTEA President Kim Schroeder said the work is not done, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service reports.
#RaiseMKE - Oct. 9, 2016
Community organizations to Common Council: "More police is not the answer"
Community organizations sent a clear, unified message to the Common Council at a recent Public Safety Committee hearing, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service reports: More police will not be sufficient to reduce violence and crime in the city.
#RaiseMKE - Sept. 23, 2016
300+ Strong rally encourages unity, amplifies black voices
The sun finally broke through the rainy clouds over Sherman Park as a host of orange balloons ascended into the bright blue sky. The balloon release, a tribute to Eric Von, was a fitting opening to the 300+ Strong rally, reports Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service.
#RaiseMKE - Sept. 17, 2016
Turnkey homes combat foreclosure, but challenges remain in Layton Boulevard West
Layton Boulevard West Neighbors (LBWN) recently broke ground on its first new-construction Turnkey Renovation Home, building on a formerly bank-owned lot in Burnham Park, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service reports.
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