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#RaiseMKE - April 22, 2017
ExYoMKE sets a committed pace for thousands of at-risk youth
For 15 years, under the guidance of art therapist Lori Vance, ExYoMKE has gone one-on-one with some of the most disaffected children in Milwaukee, children of all races and genders, and tried to help them see the world through the eyes of an artist.
Arts & Entertainment - April 22, 2017
In Tandem's "Carnival" delivers a huge and spectacular production
One of the most wonderful evenings at a theater is when the show starts on a high note and just keeps getting better and better until you get to an ending where your heart is lying on the floor and your eyes are clouded with tears. That's "Carnival."
Arts & Entertainment - April 21, 2017
Off the Wall's "The Fantasticks" can't overcome a key weak performance
"The Fantasticks" is a simple little musical, the longest running in history, about a boy and a girl and being in love. The problem in the Off the Wall Theatre production is that the boy can't hold up his end of the deal, and the whole production suffers.
#RaiseMKE - April 20, 2017
Marticia Jenkins' story one of hope, generosity and kindness for all involved
When I'm moved, I write, and fortunately, with OnMilwaukee, I have a place for that writing. The series of Uber tales from the road have run intermittently, but this story, more than anything else, proved that words and social media have the power to spark action, to make a real difference.
Arts & Entertainment - April 18, 2017
In Tandem prepares big tent, revival of classic French musical "Carnival"
There is nothing quite like the world of the carnies, who travel the country, state fair after state fair, luring spectators with claims of wonder and magic. And that world is coming to Milwaukee, believe it or not, in the tiny space at In Tandem Theatre.
Arts & Entertainment - April 15, 2017
Chamber's masterful "Great Expectations" exceeds every single one
What does it take to make a man great and what role do expectations, his and others, have on that quest? It's the issue before the house in "Great Expectations," the adaptation of the Charles Dickens novel that opened at Milwaukee Chamber Theatre.
Marketplace - April 13, 2017
You might want to think twice about selling those home-baked cookies
In Wisconsin, you can't bake cookies or cakes or brownies at home and legally sell them at a farmer's market or your kids' lemonade stand. But three women are fighting the law with the help of the powerful Institute for Justice.
Bars & Clubs - April 13, 2017
Strip club Downtown expected to win approval by Common Council
Downtown Milwaukee will be getting a strip club, which could open well before the Bucks' new arena in 2018, thanks to a measure that is expected to win Common Council approval next week.
Arts & Entertainment - April 11, 2017
Footlights theatrical awards make for some unfair competitions
The preparation for the 2017 Footlights Performing Arts Awards has been underway for a year, with public nominations being submitted. The results are in, and well, there are some odd competitions.
Arts & Entertainment - April 9, 2017
"The Violet Hour" at Renaissance rides strong second act to redemption
The second act roars to life and makes "The Violet Hour" at Renaissance Theaterworks a must see this season. The bifurcation of this Richard Greenberg piece is stunning in contrast and makes the effort of sitting through the first act a worthwhile endeavor.
Arts & Entertainment - April 8, 2017
Failure to seize the moment leads to heartbreak in Next Act's "Bloomsday"
For many of us, there is a moment in time, a moment when something could have happened, should have happened, but didn't and the regret drapes us like a shroud draped over our shoulders.That's the story in "Bloomsday," the Steven Dietz play underway at Next Act Theatre.
Arts & Entertainment - April 7, 2017
Milwaukee Ballet stages magic with one classic and one look into the future
Two worlds of ballet met Thursday night and the crash was resounding, as the Milwaukee Ballet staged a classic from yesterday and a glimpse into what the future of ballet will look like. The company staged "La Sylphide," and "Sans Pleurer," a work by Timothy O'Donnell.
Buzz - April 6, 2017
Milwaukee: America's City of Light?
Paris, schmaris. As Anthony said, "Let there be light." And more light. The Anthony is Anthony Crivello, Milwaukee native and Tony Award-winning actor. He has an idea to light up Milwaukee to identify its neighborhoods and beautify the city.
Arts & Entertainment - April 4, 2017
Renaissance and Next Act set inventive 2017-18 season schedules
Two of the most inventive and provocative theater companies in Milwaukee - Renaissance Theaterworks and Next Act Theatre - have announced next season programs chock full of fascinating possibilities. Both theater companies have distinct missions.
Arts & Entertainment - April 2, 2017
Hovhannisyan flies like an eagle as the powerful star at Milwaukee Ballet
Davit Hovhannisyan has created numerous memorable roles for Milwaukee Ballet. Now, he'll take on "La Sylphide," the oldest surviving ballet in performances that start this week at the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts.
Buzz - April 2, 2017
Milwaukee Talks: Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn
In this Milwaukee Talks, we chat with MPD Chief Edward Flynn, who has been chief of police in Milwaukee for just over eight years. He has presided over a department founded in 1855, and one that is functioning in one of the most turbulent times in its history.
Arts & Entertainment - March 30, 2017
Jivoff promotion signals an emphasis on fun and joy in Skylight productions
The very popular appointment of veteran Ray Jivoff as the new artistic director at Skylight Music Theatre represents a 180-degree pivot for the venerable Milwaukee company. Jivoff has been filling the role on an interim basis since July.
Arts & Entertainment - March 29, 2017
This is not your mother's "Cinderella"; it's a strong and capable young woman
So you've got this girl, a scullery maid, who magically goes to a ball and dances with a prince, and he falls in love with her. But when the clock strikes midnight, she runs away, losing her glass slipper and ... you know, right? Well, hold your horses.
Arts & Entertainment - March 28, 2017
UPAF's Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra changes lives instrumentally
With a catalog of outstanding musicians and teachers - led by Artist-in-Residence Frank Almond - the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra has brought music into the lives of thousands and thousands of children.
Arts & Entertainment - March 27, 2017
The Rep's "Groucho" misses the great comedian's hallmark
"Groucho" has a character actor who doesn't give the audience the very thing that made the revered comedian great - a sense of "I just thought of this" - and doesn't shed any light on the complexities of his life.
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