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Marketplace - Oct. 30, 2017
Tell the Milwaukee story, tell it again and tell it some more
Milwaukee is a great place, and we all must stand tall and boast our pride when and however we can. This is our collective and civic responsibility. Onward and On Milwaukee!
Marketplace - Oct. 19, 2017
Milwaukee Talks: Richard Kessler
Recently, I had the opportunity to talk to Richard Kessler, founder and president of Kesslers Diamonds. Kesslers is an OnMilwaukee partner and a fixture in the Milwaukee area since the 1980s. Kessler, who is transitioning to the role of chief executive officer, talked about the business, Milwaukee, his celebrity and more.
Dining - Oct. 17, 2017
Take convenience off the menu
One factor overrides all others when you're deciding where to dine: convenience. So, make a list, check it twice and bust out of your Milwaukee dining comfort zone.
Marketplace - Oct. 9, 2017
Downtown Milwaukee's Broadway glistens with recent refresh
Just like Water Street's summer tune-up, Broadway in Downtown Milwaukee got a full refresh this past weekend, brightened with a new pavement job.
Marketplace - Oct. 6, 2017
Manpower CEO trumpets "America's Best-Kept Secret" via HuffPost
As I always say, a city is only as good as the stories it tells. And, yesterday, the Chairman of Manpower continued to tell the Milwaukee story on a national platform with a piece titled "The Rise And Rise Of America's Best-Kept Secret." Read it here.
Dining - Oct. 6, 2017
What should replace the old John Hawks Pub?
Nearly one year ago today, after 45 years in Milwaukee, John Hawk's - a Downtown Milwaukee pub that sits on the Riverwalk - closed its doors and has been vacant ever since. What's next? Or, what should be next?
Marketplace - Sept. 21, 2017
Building community, Milwaukee-style
Milwaukee's been a leader in community building for years. Beer gardens. Yes, beer gardens. They were built by the Miller family and others to have large family gathering spaces and, of course, to showcase their products. Today, we all use them to gather, share ideas, forge relationships and build a better city.
Marketplace - Sept. 20, 2017
Milwaukee's Gallery Night gets some Chicago love in Tribune
Today, Chicago, reminds us to appreciate Gallery Night with reporter Lori Racki's preview of next month's event in Downtown Milwaukee.
Marketplace - Sept. 16, 2017
New Brookfield store is Wisconsin Vision's first mall location
Two OnMilwaukee partners, Wisconsin Vision and The Corners, have come together recently. And, here's some insight on how the eye glasses company is fitting in at the new lifestyle center in Brookfield.
Sports - Sept. 13, 2017
Hey Brewers fans: Playoff chances don't come around often
The Milwaukee Brewers have made the postseason a total of four - count them, four - times in the history of their existence. So, this is precious and it doesn't happen often. Heck, it might be years before it happens again. So where are you, fans?
Music - Sept. 5, 2017
Two Gufs set "reunion" show at Colectivo Back Room
Two members of The Gufs have announced a reunion show of sorts for Oct. 27 at The Back Room at Colectivo on Prospect.
Dining - Sept. 2, 2017
Food trucks roll into Whitefish Bay on Sunday
Klode Park in the village of Whitefish Bay, 5900 N. Lake Dr., is the place to be on Sunday, Sept. 3, as OnMilwaukee and host the second event in our Summer Food Truck Brunch Series.
Festival Guide - Aug. 14, 2017
Why you need to be at this week's NEWaukee Night Market
Newaukee's Night Market is back on Wednesday. It's one of the city's most lively events, and it takes place in the heart of Downtown along Wisconsin Avenue.
#RaiseMKE - Aug. 9, 2017
Boys & Girls Clubs excited for "special opportunity" on Jimmy Kimmel show
Tonight, tune in on your favorite device for "Jimmy Kimmel Live" to learn more about Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee. Read on for more.
Marketplace - Aug. 1, 2017
I'm calling it: Milwaukee's officially over its inferiority complex
I'm here today to tell you that our city is officially over its inferiority complex. It's official: More people than not believe in what Milwaukee is and can do as opposed to what it's not or can't do. Milwaukee's inferiority complex is over.
Dining - July 28, 2017
$7 Downtown Milwaukee lunch challenge: West Allis Cheese & Sausage Shoppe
It's legal, I asked. Not kidding. When I order this $4.99 meal from the good people at the West Allis Cheese & Sausage Shoppe at the Milwaukee Public Market I usually preface it with, "is it legal for me to order off the kids menu?"
Marketplace - July 24, 2017
Downtown's Water Street gets refreshed this week
Downtown Milwaukee continues to shine today as one of its main thoroughfares gets a new, fresh repaving.
Sports - July 17, 2017
Giannis and I agree: Topgolf should tee up a Milwaukee location
Not familiar with Topgolf? These places are hot and exploding all over the country. With its development boon, Milwaukee seems prime for one. Even Giannis Antetokounmpo is tweeting about it.
Festival Guide - July 10, 2017
Summerfest 50 is done, but the three Ds ruled
Complain as you will about the crowds, construction and whatnot, but those things add to what our Downtown area has worked so hard to get: density, discovery and diversity. Let's explore these important traits as they related to the Big Gig.
Festival Guide - June 27, 2017
Summerfest picks: Jeff Sherman
The energy, the buzz, the excitement, the music! Here are OnMilwaukee co-founder and president Jeff Sherman's daily picks for Summerfest 50.
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