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Sports - June 22, 2017
Tips to take advantage of the Tour of America's Dairyland
Each locale attempts to make its mark with racers and audience alike with plenty of food, drinks, and other non-cycling entertainment from the local business districts. Here are some tips of what to look for.
Arts & Entertainment - June 9, 2017
Bike-In Movie Series seeks support through crowd-funding
Milwaukee's Bike-In Movie Series has been going strong for 9 years, but has recently shifted hands between the primary volunteers, including those who previously raised funds through commercial sponsors. Thus, the series is now hitting the digital streets via a new GoFundMe.
Arts & Entertainment - April 14, 2017
Milwaukee images you've never seen before
Celebrate Milwaukee Day with these totally Milwaukee images. They are shareable, fun and perfect for 414 Day or any day! On, Milwaukee.
Marketplace - Jan. 26, 2017
Sunrise over the bike: Fyxation unveils new custom-painted bicycle
"The simplicity of the design and rich symbolism got our gears spinning, and it was only natural for us to express our support the best way we knew how, to design a bike around it."
Living - Jan. 3, 2017
Fun with inflammatory polarizing statements
Today the Riverwest Neighborhood Facebook Group succinctly mapped out what online conflicts look like after a user posted one inflammatory, polarizing statement.
Marketplace - Nov. 17, 2016
A look at Black Diamond and Arc'teryx's seasonal hat offerings
The unseasonable fall weather is great, but you know that the cold is coming. And that means it's time to look at personal insulation to keep your ears, head, and nose warm. Here are some winter hats and beanies that might be right up your alley.
Sports - Oct. 31, 2016
8 reasons to check out a cyclocross race
The free beer and brats is just the beginning. Cyclocross leads bike racers around short laps over mixed terrain - pavement, grass, mud, and snow ... check out this hot sport that spinning around the country and greater Milwaukee.
Marketplace - Sept. 29, 2016
The only good part of having your "Catan" games stolen? Unboxing the new ones
Two years ago, MIAD instructor Andy Bernier came back to his car to find his entire collection of "Settlers of Catan" - including a handmade game board - had been stolen. Now he's unboxing a newly acquired set. Watch it here!
Sports - Aug. 30, 2016
Cyclocross and fat bike racing extend excitement in cycling season
As the summer tan lines begin to fade, two bike racing series' aim to keep the mettle in the pedals for Wisconsin bike riders: the Cross-Shooshko Cyclocross race and the Wheel & Sprocket Hugh Jass fat bike series.
Arts & Entertainment - Aug. 6, 2016
Winning Riverwest neighborhood sign revealed at Center Street Daze
The Riverwest Neighborhood Association (RNA) is set to release the winner of its neighborhood sign redesign competition at Center Street Daze at 11:30 a.m. The final three designs were submitted by David Arnevik, Helene Feider and Allison Waller.
Sports - July 21, 2016
Updated: In light of petition, Trek insists they want Ray's MTB to reopen
When we asked Dave Schlabowske, the deputy director of the Wisconsin Bike Federation, about the potential purchase of Ray's MTB Park by the Bike Fed, the outlook was not so good.
Arts & Entertainment - July 14, 2016
Internationally recognized street artist MTO adds art to Oriental's wall
European graffiti and street artist MTO is known for portraits of American music, movies and pop icons. He is bringing his grayscale paints to Milwaukee to help raise funds for The Black Cat Alley via a massive mural on the Oriental Theatre.
Sports - June 18, 2016
Adventure Rock opens new East Side location
Adventure Rock opened the doors of its brand new East Side location on Saturday, June 18. As early as 1 a.m., dedicated climbers were waiting in line to set first chalky fingers on the dozens of new climbing routes spread out over 16,000 square feet.
Travel & Visitors Guide - June 16, 2016
Get your OnMilwaukee Bublr on
From the very beginning, OnMilwaukee's been an advocate for bike sharing in greater Milwaukee. And today, we're super excited to jump on board in a new capacity. Yes, people, you can now ride your very own OnMilwaukee Bublr bike. So hop on!
Arts & Entertainment - June 14, 2016
The sun rises over Milwaukee as the People's Flag is revealed
After more than 6,000 votes, the winner of the People's Flag of Milwaukee has been chosen by its citizens. The winning flag design was announced on June 14 at the 88.9 RadioMilwaukee headquarters. Find out why this design won and what happens next.
Buzz - May 14, 2016
The five People's Flag of Milwaukee finalists revealed
Thoughts passed through my head like: This design is striking. Do these colors mean Milwaukee to me? What was this person thinking? How is this related to the city? I never would have picked these colors, but it's bold, so I think I like it. This one is bold but it misses the mark. I wonder if the final five can be as good as this one.
Marketplace - May 1, 2016
Switching from an Apple iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy S7 because of one little app
I've compiled the pros and cons of an Apple iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S7 to give you an idea of what made the decision for me. In the end, it was a close call, but it was one seemingly small detail that wound up the deal-maker.
Arts & Entertainment - April 9, 2016
Without a doubt, Milwaukee needs a new flag
It took 50 years for Milwaukee's citizenry to gather enough interest to attempt to tackle the project once more, but the design, which currently flies on our flag today also helped illustrate the definition of "Design by Committee."
Arts & Entertainment - Feb. 24, 2016
Designers talking about Designers Talking: A chat with creator Nate Pyper
The Designers Talking series is part residency, part gallery, and part conversation that seeks to connect thinkers, artists, and problem-solvers through discussion about interesting ideas and solutions through the lens of graphic communication.
Sports - Feb. 12, 2016
Ride to Europe without leaving the state
Wisconsin Bike Fed has organized three rides starting in mid-March to get you out of the gate and into the saddle as soon as possible, and they're cleverly modeled after the European Classics. These rides take to the back roads of Wisconsin and travel to Paris, Rome, Belgium and Denmark, all without leaving this beautiful state.
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