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Movies & TV - May 2, 2012
Diary of a Mad Man
For years now, the ever-popular television series "Mad Men" has entertained, delighted and revealed some fundamental truths about advertising. For the most part, we in the advertising world are impressed with the American Movie Channel's portrayal of our day-to-day. And I believe they've done it again.
Living - April 18, 2012
Love and happiness
Attraction, as a rule, doesn't ask permission. We, as animals, have no control over whether or not we love crab cakes, or John Coltrane songs, or BMWs.
Living - Sept. 30, 2011
A phone book? Really?
There are moments in time when one convention comes to an end and another begins. For instance, in the beginning of the 20th century there was a point where cars outnumbered horses. And within that transition there were a lot uncomfortable changes. Horse traders lost jobs, car dealers got jobs and the smell of horse poop was replaced with exhaust.
Living - Sept. 27, 2011
Hats off to a modern world
Do a Google search for "1920s baseball crowd" and you'll find some wonderful things: The innocence of a bygone era, a haunting reminder of our mortality and a lot of guys wearing hats. Hats, for crying out loud.
Tagged with: hats, fashion, menswear, fedora
Travel & Visitors Guide - Sept. 13, 2011
All due respect to Milwaukee brands
I've been hesitant to write this blog for the following reasons: 1. I love the brands I'm talking about and want them to succeed. 2. It goes against my mom's advice of, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." But my frustration level is at orange and I may need a little venting.
Travel & Visitors Guide - May 16, 2011
Road trip, Day 5: Home sweet home
Travel expands your perspective and gives you a clear appreciation of home.
Travel & Visitors Guide - May 15, 2011
Road trip, Day 4: Shivering
Okay, you've been on a car trip. You drive to Indianapolis or Columbus or wherever and when you get out of the car to fill up, the temperature is very different since the last time you were out. Especially driving North to South or vice versa, the temp varies from stop to stop - but NOT on a motorcycle.
Travel & Visitors Guide - May 14, 2011
Road trip, day 3: Memphis
Michael Stodola is on a Harley road trip and today's blog is from Memphis where he attends a BBQ festival. "Memphis in May" is not unlike a Milwaukee Festival except there are hundreds of people busily cooking the best BBQ of their lives.
Marketplace - May 13, 2011
Road trip, day 2: Ambassadors
As we traveled, I looked forward through our pack and thought about the Harley-Davidson brand. Obviously, I'm staring at seven Harleys with riders wearing Harley gear. It was a constant brand message.
Living - May 12, 2011
Road trip day one: 10 truths
In the words of Billy Corgan, "Today is the greatest day I've ever known." Yes, a little over the top, but still, it was nothing to shake a stick at.The weather was with us, the guys are funny, interesting and thoughtful and my first big road trip has revealed some insight I now carry like valued possessions. Some small and some large, but all true.
Living - May 11, 2011
Searching for truth on two wheels
As culture hounds, we're fascinated by corporate America - or at least what goods they have tossed out to the masses. Mega products like the iPhone, the Mini Cooper or the Black Eyed Peas have such power, they blur the lines between individuality and conformity. Do you own an iPhone because you did the research and found it met your needs, or because it was the hottest accessory going?
Marketplace - Nov. 27, 2009
Advertising pollution
How effective are those ad leaflets left on cars?
Marketplace - Nov. 23, 2009
Are you listening?
Establishing a "listening station" can help you harness the power of social media.
Marketplace - Nov. 7, 2009
Strong brands and brilliant bastards
Why do certain companies seem like it's "fun" to work for them? The answer lies in the branding.
Living - Nov. 3, 2009
The curse of old people
Is it just me, or are the world's oldest people constantly dying? They reach about 115 years old and ka-put.
Living - Oct. 24, 2009
The expiration date of words
In our American dialogue, words exist from every corner of the world -- some Yiddish, some Italian and many from our own popular culture.
Tagged with: words, trends, phrases, slang
Living - Oct. 20, 2009
Talk is cheap
I'm at a company party eating little food when I run into a co-worker's husband.
Tagged with: just do it, goals
Living - Oct. 14, 2009
Ms. Manners has left the hotel
Recently, I was asked about the subject of manners and our society at large. With the recent outbursts at the VMAs and within the hollowed halls of Congress, a colleague asked, "Where have all the manners gone?"
Living - Oct. 11, 2009
Facebook friends with privileges
The other night, Janet wondered aloud as to how many ex-girlfriends I had as Facebook friends. Not that she was stressed or upset, just a little playfully jealous. "Off the top of my head there's a few missing, but a good number," I responded. "Whatev," she retorted. I couldn't help but laugh at the minor showing of insecurity from my otherwise strong, confident wife.
Living - Oct. 7, 2009
I'll have some social media with a side of Wiki
I've said it before ... social media is a massive, unstoppable, robot-killing, earth-shattering force akin to the Internet itself or sliced bread (really awesomely sliced, still warm, cinnamon bread with butter). And I'll say it again.
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