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Restaurants - Barbiere's Italian Inn
5844 W. Blue Mound Rd. , Wauwatosa 414-453-3800
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Dining - Jan. 16, 2013
In search of the perfect pizza: Barbiere's
Barbiere's longevity is impressive given its proximity to another popular Italian restaurant with two locations just a few blocks away. Barbiere's website explains it is about "Family, Superb Food and Quality Ingredients." I guess there is enough business to go around if you produce a quality product.
Dining - July 24, 2013
In search of the perfect year later
One year into his search for the perfect pizza in Milwaukee, Rick reflects on the best and worst of his culinary journey so far.
Dining - Feb. 9, 2017
In search of Milwaukee's perfect pizza
Milwaukee loves pizza. Our neighborhoods are filled with pizzerias - all unique, bursting with flavor and filled with storied histories. One Milwaukeean has eaten his way through the lion's share. His hard work translates into your guide to great pizza in greater Milwaukee.
Dining - Oct. 1, 2016
Italian dining guide
Few ethnic cuisines are better represented in Milwaukee than that of the Italians. We've got nearly everything, from traditional Italian-American red sauce joints to upscale eateries and adventurous menus. There has been an upsurge recently in fine Italian dining in Milwaukee and so it's time to present some highlights of Italian dining in Brew City.
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Dining - Oct. 13, 2011
Social Circle: What's your favorite Milwaukee pizza place?
Dozens of people shared which restaurant makes their all-time favorite Brew City 'za, and responses came in all over the Milwaukee map, from Lisa's on the East Side to Barbiere's on Bluemound.