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Jay Bullock
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Buzz - Aug. 12, 2014
Jay Bullock heads to the mailbox
From time to time, I like to check under the bridge to see what my trolls are up to. Wait, did I just say that out loud? I mean, I like to dig into the comments to my columns, as well as the emails they precipitate, and share my responses with those correspondents and world.
Buzz - Jan. 11, 2015
Blaming students the wrong approach to meaningful school reform
Meaningful school reform can't be achieved by nibbling around the edges or blaming students because they come from troubled households. Real reform can come about when it's big idea, like the concept that hard work by students will result in success.
#RaiseMKE - June 6, 2012
MPS' chief academic officer resigns
MPS' chief academic officer, Heidi Ramirez, who came to Milwaukee with superintendent Gregory Thornton when he arrived in 2010, has resigned.
Buzz - July 19, 2016
Here's a test Newt Gingrich can give Muslims
Last week, Newt Gingrich said we should test every person of Muslim background here and deport them if they believe in Sharia law. Well, OnMilwaukee's resident school teacher Jay Bullock decided to get to work on writing up that test for him.
Buzz - Jan. 28, 2016
Duncan's MPS comments deserve a serious and thoughtful response
Former U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan called the Milwaukee Public Schools a "national disgrace," and this city ought to recognize the truth of that statement and rally to find meaningful and serious reform.