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Movies & TV - Dec. 15, 2016
From "Phantom" to "Force," the "Star Wars" movies, ranked
In honor of this weekend's release of "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story," OnMilwaukee pop culture editor and expert Matt Mueller went about the task of ranking the seven "Star Wars" movies. Safe to say the prequels did not fare well.
Movies & TV - Nov. 22, 2016
What's coming and going from Netflix in December
Christmas has come early for Netflix subscribers, as the service announced its new arrivals for December - including "Captain America: Civil War," only the biggest movie of the year. And that's far from all. Here's everything coming and going next month.
Arts & Entertainment - Oct. 18, 2016
First Stage's formula for excellence and a "Book of Mormon" ticket lottery
Sometimes it can be difficult to fully understand how magnificent First Stage is in the theatrical firmament, not just in Milwaukee, but across the country as well. Take a look at "Goosebumps," which opened over the weekend, to see how they do it every time.
Arts & Entertainment - Oct. 16, 2016
First Stage's "Goosebumps" conjures a fabulously frightful night for families
It's not always the case that a play lives up to either its title or its billing, but First Stage, as you might expect, does just that with "Goosebumps: Phantom of the Auditorium: The Musical," which opened over the weekend.
Movies & TV - Oct. 14, 2016
Where to watch Milwaukee Film Festival movies now
I hit 23 movies at the Milwaukee Film Festival this year. I know: WEAK. But luckily for me, and all the other film festival junkies out there looking back regretfully at the screenings we missed, many of the selections are still out there. Here's where to find them.

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SideNotes Cabaret Series: Belters, Balladeers, And Broadway
June 15, 2017 8:00 p.m. - June 18, 2017, 3:00 p.m. at Sunset Playhouse
Milwaukee favorite Doug Clemons and accompanist Anne VanDeus...
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Music - April 1, 2009
Reader blog I'm Addicted to Talent

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Phantom Week: Love Never Dies
By popular demand, NCM Fathom and Omniverse Vision bring ...
Phantom Week: The Phantom of the Opera
Back by popular demand, NCM Fathom and Omniverse Vision b...
Andrew Lloyd Webber's Love Never Dies
Based on a book by Ben Elton, the captivating love story ...
Phantom Boy
Leo has a secret. A mysterious illness has transformed hi...
Phantom is a political thriller set in the volatile clima...