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Entertainment - Soulstice Theatre
3770 S. Pennsylvania Ave., Suite 2, St. Francis 414-481-2800
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Arts & Entertainment - Jan. 3, 2017
Soulstice Theatre closing would eliminate opportunities for young actors
There has been no formal announcement yet, but it appears as if another theater company that provides work for young actors and directors in Milwaukee, is about to fold its tent. Soulstice Theatre looks like it's shutting down after 15 years.
Arts & Entertainment - June 11, 2016
Soulstice season closes with tender and warm "The Secret Garden"
Loss and the painful path to fill empty spaces left behind are at the heart of a lovely and warm-hearted production of "The Secret Garden" being staged at Soulstice Theatre under the direction of Artistic Director Jillian Smith.
Music - May 4, 2016
Summer Soulstice Music Festival announces 2016 lineup
The Summer Soulstice Music Festival announced its lineup of musical performers for its 16th annual summer celebration, hosted this year on East North Avenue on Saturday, June 25 from noon to midnight.
Arts & Entertainment - Jan. 16, 2015
Soulstice Theatre misses badly with an uncertain all-female "Macbeth"
Taking a play like "Macbeth" and casting it with all women may well be a daring attempt to bring something new to the play. But there has to be a reason to do it, and Soulstice Theatre just seems to be doing it for no other reason than it could.
Arts & Entertainment - Nov. 9, 2014
Soulstice's "Moon Over Buffalo" is an eclipse that doesn't quite shine
When you produce a farce, you want to come out with high energy and get the audience laughing in the early going so that they are used to it and will laugh along the rest of the night. Unfortunately, Soulstice Theatre's production of "Moon Over Buffalo" doesn't get going until there are only about five minutes left in the play. By then, the urge to laugh has left on a train to nowhere, and it's hard to get into the mood after all this falderal.