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Restaurants - Rochambo Coffee & Tea House
1317 E. Brady St., Milwaukee 414-291-0095
Restaurants - Cafe at the Plaza
1007 N. Cass St., Milwaukee 414-272-2494
Restaurants - The Soup Market
2211 S. Kinnickinnic Ave., Milwaukee 414-727-8462
Services - Bucketworks
1340 N. 6th St., Milwaukee 414-305-1324
Restaurants - Kafe International
5101 W. Oklahoma Ave., Milwaukee 414-545-6030
Restaurants - Quasi Cafe
1319 N. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr., Milwaukee 414-763-4847
Restaurants - Colectivo - Humboldt Blvd.
2999 N. Humboldt Blvd., Milwaukee 414-292-3320
Entertainment - Hartland Music
1125 James Dr, Hartland 262-367-5333
Services - Community Bark
326 W. Brown Deer Rd., Bayside 414-364-9274
Restaurants - Iron Stone Cafe
215 E. Wisconsin Ave. , Milwaukee 414-273-1078
Restaurants - Java Dock Cafe
116 W. Grand Ave., Port Washington 262-284-1600
Restaurants - Sababa Cafe & Catering - Kilbourn Ave,
330 E. Kilbourn Ave., Milwaukee 414-224-9505
Restaurants - Sababa Cafe & Catering - 84th St.
125 S. 84th St., Milwaukee 414-224-9505
Restaurants - Yo Mama!
1349 Wauwatosa Ave., Wauwatosa 414-988-5365
Restaurants - Arin Bert Coffee & Grill
222 W. Wells St., Milwaukee
Services - Community Bark - Bay View
2440 S. Kinnickinnic Ave., Milwaukee 414-364-9274
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Dining - May 18, 2014
Social Circle: "Colectivo" or "Alterra?"
This week asked the Social Circle if it has acclimated to the name "Colectivo" or if some still call the local coffee roasters / cafes "Alterra."
Marketplace - Dec. 13, 2013
Colectivo Coffee to sell and auction iconic Alterra cafe signage for charity
On Monday, Dec. 16, Colectivo Coffee will begin selling many of its original Alterra Coffee signs, letters and cafe designed images via and Okanjo.
Dining - Aug. 4, 2013
Social Circle: Your thoughts on Alterra's name change to Colectivo?
One week ago, broke the story that Alterra was changing its name to Colectivo. The annoucement blew up on social media and people expressed strong feelings both for and against the name change. Here's what the Social Circle had to say. What about you?
Marketplace - July 29, 2013
Alterra / Colectivo owners explain name change, share future plans
On Sunday, July 28, Paul Miller, Lincoln Fowler and Ward Fowler - the founders and owners of Alterra Coffee - announced to their employees that the name of the company is changing to Colectivo Coffee. "Nothing else is changing," says Lincoln. "Not the people, not the look and feel and certainly not the culture." Here's the full scoop on the present and future of the local business.
Marketplace - July 28, 2013
Colectivo Coffee: A new name for Milwaukee's Alterra Coffee
How will Milwaukee react to the Alterra to Colectivo name change? I say we'll sip it in. Great coffee is great coffee, and honestly I think the new name is a bit cooler.