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Bars and Clubs - Club Garibaldi
2501 S. Superior St., Milwaukee 414-483-6335
Bars and Clubs - Gee Willicker's
2578 N. Dousman St., Milwaukee 414-372-4559
Bars and Clubs - redbar (Redbar)
2245 E. St. Francis Ave., Milwaukee 414-212-8470
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Bars & Clubs - March 20, 2017
Featured bartender: Sara Padley of Drink Wisconsinbly Pub
OnMilwaukee stopped in Drink Wisconsinbly, which recently won Best New Bar in OnMilwaukee's annual readers' poll, and chatted with Sara Padley about dogs, cheese curds, rural living and, of course, beer.
Bars & Clubs - Dec. 23, 2016
Featured bartender: The Standard's Heidi White
Heidi White, who is the bar manager at The Standard, wasn't stoked to do this interview, but her boss, Steve Gilbertson, made her. "He said, `stop being a f*cking Sally and do the interview already,'" says White. "So let's do this."
Bars & Clubs - Oct. 21, 2016
Featured bartender: Kelsey Cano from Who's On Third
Shortly after arriving from Chicago, Kelsey Cano got a job at Who's On Third and has been pouring libations and connecting with people ever since. Recently, we stopped by to talk to Cano about whiskey, eye injuries, getting hit on, having a Sept. 11 birthday and more.
Bars & Clubs - May 2, 2016
Featured bartender: Walker's Pint's Ramón Melendez
Ramón Melendez has bartended at Walker's Pint for almost six years, but he started in the service industry many years prior. His smile, quick service and positive energy contribute to the overall good vibe at The Pint, and further proves that it's not a spot only for lesbians.
Bars & Clubs - March 9, 2016
Featured bartender: Austin Foster from Lucky Joe's Alchemy & Eatery
For Austin Foster, every cocktail has a story, and every Tuesday night, while bartending at Lucky Joe's, he is ready to share these stories while mixing some of the city's most innovative cocktails.

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Priceless (Hors de prix)
Jean, a shy young bartender, is mistaken for a millionair...
The Drop
This film takes an inside look at organized crime's use o...