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Dave Begel
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Arts & Entertainment - March 29, 2017
This is not your mother's "Cinderella"; it's a strong and capable young woman
So you've got this girl, a scullery maid, who magically goes to a ball and dances with a prince, and he falls in love with her. But when the clock strikes midnight, she runs away, losing her glass slipper and ... you know, right? Well, hold your horses.
Arts & Entertainment - March 28, 2017
UPAF's Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra changes lives instrumentally
With a catalog of outstanding musicians and teachers - led by Artist-in-Residence Frank Almond - the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra has brought music into the lives of thousands and thousands of children.
Arts & Entertainment - March 27, 2017
The Rep's "Groucho" misses the great comedian's hallmark
"Groucho" has a character actor who doesn't give the audience the very thing that made the revered comedian great - a sense of "I just thought of this" - and doesn't shed any light on the complexities of his life.
Arts & Entertainment - March 25, 2017
Portrait of an autistic girl is a triumph for teenage actor and First Stage
There is a world for those on the autism spectrum, that sometimes intersects with the world that belongs to the rest of us. That private and perplexing world is being told in "Mockingbird," the First Stage production that is powerfully told.
#RaiseMKE - March 23, 2017
Learning the truth about the joys and immense satisfactions of giving
One of the things people always say is that givers get so much out of giving. There's no reason to doubt the truth of the dictum, but how do you quantify it? What does that mean, in real terms? Now I know exactly what it means, specifically.

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