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Restaurants - Blue's Egg
317 N. 76th St., Milwaukee 414-299-3182
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Dining - June 6, 2017
Do this: Ginner at Blue's Egg on June 9
What do you call it when four creatively prepared courses are paired with a selection of imaginative gin-based cocktails? Ginner, of course. And you won't want to miss this uniquely paired gin cocktail dinner Friday, June 9 at Blue's Egg.
Dining - Nov. 18, 2014
Playboy likes Blue's Egg
Take it for what its worth, but Playboy Magazine has Blue's Egg as one of its 101 best breakfasts in America (don't worry, the link is reasonably safe for work). The restaurant at 317 N. 76th St. came in 21st place out of 23 Midwest selections, just behind Mickie's Dairy Bar in Madison.
Dining - Nov. 25, 2013
The Weekly Nibble: Full scoop on new restaurant from Maxie's/Blue's Egg crew
Maybe you've heard rumors of the new restaurant from the owners' of Maxie's and Blue's Egg, but we've got the full scoop here at Also news of the Lakefront Black Friday beer release, a Black Sheep promotion for local shoppers, and a beer and cheese tasting at Sprecher Brewing.
Dining - Oct. 25, 2013
Sous me: A chat with Missy Harkey of Blue's Egg
Missy Harkey thought she'd go to school for psychology, but by the time she was three years in, she hated it. So, she dropped out and headed to Chicago to enroll in culinary school.
Dining - Oct. 4, 2013
Sous me: A chat with Jesus Cabrera of Blue's Egg
Jesus Cabrera was born in Veracruz, Mexico. Now he's a sous chef at Blue's Egg in Milwaukee. We talked with him about his life, his work, and his aspirations for the future.