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Restaurants - Comet Cafe
1947 N. Farwell Ave., Milwaukee 414-273-7677
Restaurants - Fuel Cafe
818 E. Center St., Milwaukee 414-374-3835
Bars and Clubs - BelAir Cantina
1935 N. Water St., Milwaukee 414-226-2245
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Dining - July 1, 2015
Ownership changes at Comet, Honeypie and Palomino
Legalities were finalized yesterday for an amiable split between Comet Cafe owners Leslie Montemurro, Scott Johnson and Valerie and Adam Lucks.
Dining - Oct. 11, 2013
My happy place: In a bowl of mac 'n' cheese at Comet
I'm not a "foodie" by any stretch. I like food. I eat it. I enjoy it. But few dishes really make me happy. OK, only ONE dish makes me absolutely giddy. And that's the mac & cheese at The Comet Cafe.
Bars & Clubs - Feb. 8, 2012
Milwaukee's best free snacks, 2012: Comet Cafe
Passing the time with some friends and a few drinks can make for a fun time, but it won't do much for you if you're hungry. Thankfully, many Milwaukee bars have your back, offering up everything from M&Ms and peanuts to crispy bacon to stave off hunger pangs out on the town.
Dining - Oct. 3, 2010
Milwaukee's best brunch, 2010: Comet Cafe
Last year, then-repeat winner Trocadero beat second-place Comet for the title by a 2 percent margin. But Comet fans turned up the heat and bumped the competition down a notch by slightly more than that -- a 2.5 percent margin -- to take the top spot for Milwaukee's best brunch.
Dining - May 4, 2009
Food Network's Fieri finds Comet and Cempazuchi
Back in February, Milwaukee ex-pat Kris Ausan, who works as a researcher for the Food Network's "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives," hosted by Guy Fieri, contacted me to ask for some suggestions. Last week, Fieri came to film at two area restaurants.

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Your Name. (Kimi no na wa.)
The day the stars fell, two lives changed forever. High s...