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Bars and Clubs - Riverwest Filling Station
701 E. Keefe Ave., Milwaukee 414-875-7521
Shopping - Fresh Thyme Farmer's Market
470 E. Pleasant St., Milwaukee
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Bars & Clubs - July 22, 2015
Ray's Growler Gallery expands to include wine, patio
It's been just over a year since Ray's Wine & Spirits, 8930 W. North Ave., opened its Growler Gallery, an extension of the former Tasting Room and Educational Center. And now there's even more to enjoy.
Bars & Clubs - Dec. 15, 2014
7 places to get a growler
Wondering where to get a growler of your favorite brew to bring home for the holidays? Here are a few options.
Bars & Clubs - May 7, 2014
Ray's Wine and Spirits to open new Growler Gallery
Growlers, 64-ounce jugs for filling with craft beers, is a hot trend, and now Ray's Wine and Spirits is jumping on board. The Milwaukee liquor store, established in 1961, is expanding by opening Ray's Growler Gallery.
Bars & Clubs - Jan. 26, 2013
Riverwest Filling Station: Milwaukee's first growler bar
Milwaukee will soon have its very own growler bar and eatery called the Riverwest Filling Station, 701 E. Keefe. It opens Tuesday, Jan. 29 at 5 p.m.
Bars & Clubs - Feb. 7, 2013
Fill up on growler etiquette
Now that growlers are legal in Milwaukee, more and more bars will most likely offer the 64-ounce, to-go containers. Here's everything you need to know for a successful growler drinking experience.