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Eugene Kane
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Milwaukee History - July 11, 2017
Little landmarks: Neighborhood churches edition
In this occasional series that looks at some often-unheralded gems of local architecture and history, we turn our eyes toward some small neighborhood churches around the city.
Milwaukee History - May 2, 2017
Urban spelunking: Colectivo Lakefront Cafe / Milwaukee River Flushing Station
Among the more delicious examples of adaptive reuse in Milwaukee is the Colectivo Lakefront Cafe, where not only is the coffee hot and the food simple and delicious, but the setting can't be beat. While I love the lakefront site, I love the building even more.
Milwaukee History - Feb. 17, 2017
Before Stonewall, the Black Nite brawl stunned Milwaukee
Eight years before Stonewall and six years before the Black Cat, Milwaukee was the scene of an uprising unlike anything local police had ever seen before as four troublemakers got more trouble than they bargained for at the Black Nite, one of the most popular gay bars of the time.
Sports - Jan. 19, 2017
What was big when the Packers made the NFC Championship Games before?
We hopped in our time machine and dipped back to times near and far to see what were the big names and big stories being tossed around when the Packers were knocking on the Super Bowl's door.
Holiday Guide - Dec. 22, 2016
Our favorite Christmas movies
There are seemingly hundreds of Christmas movies scattered across the entertainment world come November and December. A few, however, manage to become true classics, beloved for years. Here are the OnMilwaukee staff's personal favorites.

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Hip Hop/Rap - 101st Airbourne Productions
101st Airbourne Productions is a premier underground Hip-...
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Buzz - Aug. 11, 2008
Reader blog On Being Neighborly

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Sleepwalk With Me
Winner of a 2012 Audience Award at Sundance, comedian Mik...
The Dark Knight
With the help of Lieutenant Jim Gordon and District Attor...
The Dark Knight: The IMAX Experience
"The Dark Knight: The IMAX Experience" will fea...
Star Wars: The Clone Wars
"Star Wars: The Clone Wars" showcases an entire...
Green Lantern
Each sector of space is protected by a Green Lantern, pos...