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Marketplace - May 19, 2017
Made in Milwaukee: Koss Headphones
Michael J. Koss Jr. can't play a single instrument. And yet his family name and company - Koss Headphones - is one of the most essential brands in music, as inventors of the stereo headphones and one of the industry's greatest contributors to actually getting audio into ears.
Marketplace - Sept. 17, 2014
Koss Corp. faces steep challenges
Bottom line: Koss is losing money, has halted production at its plant in Mexico, is pulling back on research and development of new products and is suspending payment of dividends to shareholders.
Movies & TV - April 11, 2013
Hearing is believing: Koss on "Mad Men"
When Koss headphones were featured in Sunday's premiere episode of the show's final season, it was a surprise to viewers from Wisconsin. It was also a surprise to the company.
Marketplace - April 28, 2010
Since 1972, famous Koss billboards stand test of time
Depending on the medium, it can take some very clever creative to inspire a positive reaction from a simple advertisement. Usually, it's a challenge just make any kind of impression, but when a company's single fixed billboard can endure for 40 plus years and develop an actual cult following, you know you've hit PR gold.
Marketplace - March 4, 2009
Listen up: International Koss booms in Brew City
In 1958, John Koss invented the first set of stereo headphones with business partner Martin Lange in Milwaukee. Today, the international corporation employs 80 people locally and conducts business in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, South America and Central America. Recently, checked in with current CEO, Michael Koss.