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Brian Kramp and Jon Adler
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Brian Kramp
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Movies & TV - July 29, 2013
Perry, Cravy and Kramp to lead Fox 6's "Studio A"
"'Studio A' will focus on what's happening and what's current in our area, as well as what makes Milwaukee such a vibrant place to live and raise a family," WITI-TV Fox 6 said in a release Monday.
Movies & TV - July 9, 2013
Kramp and Mancow talk about radio, God, guns and automobiles
In today's Kramp Cast I talk with Mancow Muller about the status of radio, his unique family's new TV show and whether or not he's witnessed more people that are opposed to God, guns or automobiles.
Movies & TV - June 25, 2013
Scott Wolf joins TNT's "Perception" and the Kramp Cast
In today's Kramp Cast, actor Scott Wolf and I talk about his new role on TV and life's unexpected turns that have made things better for him as an actor, husband and father. We also have a fun conversation about his past and what kind of reality TV he would actually commit to. He won't be dancing or diving anytime soon, but what about a game of croquet with stars?
Movies & TV - June 17, 2013
Kramp Cast: This "Mistress" gets down and dirty
In today's Kramp Cast I talk to Jes Macallan of ABC's "Mistresses" about daily romps on the desk at work, doing gymnastics while riding horses, and whether or not jean shorts are a passable wardrobe item.
Buzz - June 7, 2013
Kramp Cast: Bad Romance, good dining and a beer run!
Brian Kramp and Colleen Jurkiewicz discuss the top 5 events to hit up this weekend in the podcast version of's Weekend Preview.