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Sports & Rec - Green Bay Packers
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Sports - Feb. 7, 2017
LISTEN: Did the Super Bowl seem really political?
Given the divisive, depressing, ubiquitous and hyper-partisan politicization of everything in the country right now, it was nice to be able to watch a good old American football game on Sunday, right? Not so much. Jimmy Carlton and Matt Mueller discuss all things Super Bowl in The Postgame Tailgate.
Movies & TV - Feb. 6, 2017
The real winners and losers of Super Bowl LI
In case you spent all Sunday sleeping - wise thinking in retrospect - the Patriots came back to beat the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI. But there's much more to the Super Bowl than who won on the scoreboard. Here are the real winners and losers.
Sports - Feb. 6, 2017
The Super Bowl's only Wisconsin connection was the hero of the game
Without the Packers or any Wisconsin natives in the game, there was only one player in the Super Bowl who had any kind of local connection. But Patriots running back James White, who played four seasons for the Badgers sure did make his presence felt Sunday.
Movies & TV - Feb. 3, 2017
9 Super Bowl commercials you'll be talking about on Sunday
Super Bowl commercials may no longer have that surprise factor, but they're still half of the fun of watching. So here are a few of the ads that you'll probably be talking about Sunday - and maybe even Monday if they did their job right.
Sports - Jan. 4, 2017
Brett Favre says Packers are "team to beat" and "they will be in the Super Bowl"
He may be a little bit biased, but Brett Favre thinks the Packers are going to the Super Bowl. The legendary Green Bay quarterback said on his weekly SiriusXM NFL Radio show that he thinks his old team is going to advance through the playoffs and represent the NFC at Super Bowl LI.

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