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Sports - April 18, 2016
Mondays suck, so here's a photo of Aaron Rodgers and Chris Pratt hanging out
Mondays are the worst, so here's a photo of Aaron Rodgers and Chris Pratt hanging out and grilling steaks and just being the coolest fishing buddies in the entire world to make everything seem a little bit better.
Sports - Feb. 8, 2016
The real winners and losers of Super Bowl 50
Yesterday, the Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers in what could only be technically described as "a competitive football game." But who actually won yesterday's great American unofficial tribute to commercialism? Here are the real winners and losers of Super Bowl 50.
Sports - Nov. 3, 2015
The five stages of 6-1 grief
Everyone deals with grief differently, including Packer fans, who experienced the first loss of the season Sunday. There was denial and anger, bargaining and depressing. Even, eventually, some acceptance.
Sports - Sept. 8, 2015
10 reasons to be ecstatic about the start of the NFL season
The National Football League begins its 95th season this week, not a moment too late for those of us who gave up on baseball and the Milwaukee Brewers months ago. Certainly we are looking forward to the next season for the hope-filled Milwaukee Bucks, but it is football that we all love. The game is the overwhelming favorite sport in the country.
Movies & TV - Feb. 3, 2014
The game is done, let's break down the Super Bowl
The big game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos is over. However, the next 24 hours will be spent looking at every aspect of the media spectacle that is the Super Bowl.

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