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Happy birthday Rosa Parks

Published Feb. 4, 2013

Today would have been Rosa Parks' 100th birthday. More than any other civil rights leader - with the exception of Martin Luther King Jr. - Parks is revered by many because of her essential contribution to the cause of equality for all.


100 ways to improve Summerfest

Published July 22, 2005

Attendance was up this year, and Summerfest made money. But, why all the negative chatter? Maybe our best things -- even Summerfest -- really do need some improvement. In true OMC style and with OMC spirit, here are 100 ways to make Summerfest better.


100 reasons the population drop is good for Milwaukee

Published July 3, 2005

So, Milwaukee's population has dropped by about 3,600 people, according the Census Bureau. We say, look on the bright side. A few thousand fewer people only makes Milwaukee better. Here's why.

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