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The back story on the "hot list"

Published Aug. 17, 2010

When we published the second installment of the 100 hottest Milwaukeeans list this morning, we expected two things: The list would instantly shoot to the top of the top clicks, and rabid Talkbackers would cry foul. And we were right. Please allow me to explain.


100 hottest Milwaukeeans (that you've heard of), part two

Published Aug. 17, 2010

The last time we published to do a "100 hottest list," we were deluged with reactions from readers. Some loved it. Some hated it. Some who weren't on the list wished they were, and some who made the list wished they hadn't. It's time to crank it up again. Using our own research and suggestions from trusted insiders, we came up with a list of people that we consider "hot."

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