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Matt's picks for the best (and worst) movies of 2012

Published Dec. 29, 2012

2012 was a great year for movies, but then again, I'd argue every year is a great year for movies. Chicago critic Richard Roeper once said saying there are no good films out is like saying there are no good books in a bookstore. Of course there are; you just need to look around sometimes. Thus, let's take one final look at the best movies 2012 had to offer.


10 movie winners (and five big losers) of 2012

Published Dec. 18, 2012

Well, another year of movies is (almost) in the books. Full of many memorable ups and seared-in-my-brain-forever downs, here's my take on the best (and worst) of 2012.


"Argo" a gripping must-see

Published Oct. 12, 2012

After Ben Affleck delivered his hugely successful "Gone Baby Gone" in 2007 and followed it with 2010's "The Town," expectations for his latest directorial work, "Argo," were riding high. Audiences were naturally eager to see if his talent behind the camera would carry over into his new thriller, and there's no doubt it did.


See "Argo" on us

Published Oct. 5, 2012

Actor/director Ben Affleck's found his calling behind the camera, it seems. His latest, "Argo," chronicles a covert operation to rescue six Americans behind the scenes of the Iran hostage crisis. It's already picked up rave reviews, but you don't have to take critics' words for it. You can see it for yourself this Monday.

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