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New look Badgers have same old-school feel

Published Aug. 30, 2013

The more things change, the more they stay the same. The Wisconsin Badgers have a new head coach but expect more of the same out of the running game.


The Big Ten has big problems

Published Dec. 10, 2012

Bret Bielema's sudden departure from the University of Wisconsin has once again highlighted the fact the Big Ten has struggled to find (and keep) quality coaches in football. Wisconsin has a chance to prove its program, and its conference, are big time.


Death to the BCS - finally!

Published June 27, 2012

Now we have what college football fans have been clamoring for. And while there may be some initial grumbling in the rare years where there may be a case for more than four teams that have a legitimate stake in a national championship playoff, those instances will be few and far between.


Death to the BCS

Published Dec. 6, 2011

This season there may be a tipping point, for the BCS has really screwed up what is supposed to be a celebration of sport. Instead, allegations of corruption, cronyism, bias, and greed have dominated headlines to the point where the only socially acceptable reaction to the very letters "BCS" is a sneer followed by an expletive or two.

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Wait a Second...

  The game of football is based on human decisions. Whether you are talking about where the ball is spotted, to if the lineman held, or if the defender interfered with the receiver’s chances of catching the ball. The human eye sees the play, comprehends what it saw, and de...

My Day As A Cornhusker

  As a new Nebraska Cornhusker fan, you quickly realize they believe defense wins championships. That philosophy almost netted them a Big 12 Championship. You can breathe now BCS officials. Play the field position game. Kick as many field goals as possible. Pray special team...

Thanks BCS

 I cannot thank you enough BCS. You have rescued me from watching another thrilling tournament, or adding to the pointless playoff dribble that clueless sports fans go on and on about. Who wants to watch a tournament?How much fun would it be if Santa didn’t wrap your presents? The exci...

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