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New Tosa-based birth center honors individuality

Published Oct. 5, 2013

It's a bit of a shock when you first walk into Authentic Birth Wellness Collective in Wauwatosa. At first glance, the space at 530 N. 108th Pl. looks more like a spa than a birthing center.


"Sprinkle" provides alternative to second baby shower

Published Dec. 22, 2012

There's been much debate in the parenting world as to whether or not it's appropriate to have a baby shower for any child after the firstborn. A growing trend is to have a "sprinkle," a silly but aptly-chosen word that means a gathering that's lighter, smaller and less fussy than the traditional shower.


In yo' face, infertility

Published Sept. 26, 2012

I was told, repeatedly, that I wasn't a candidate for conception, so you can imagine my surprise when two pink lines appeared on the white stick.


We cannot get blase about co-sleeping deaths

Published Sept. 13, 2012

"... And in other news ... a baby died again today after sleeping with an adult ... and now the weather..." That's kind of what it seems like. We have become hardened to the fact of life that little babies keep dying in Milwaukee while they sleep with an adult in the same bed, or on the same couch, or in the same chair, or on the same mattress on the floor, or on the floor itself.


Baby names range from ordinary to outlandish

Published April 21, 2012

Some parents prefer to stick with a classic and / or common name whereas others have no problem picking a unique moniker. Milwaukee parents - along with a national name expert - weigh in on the do's and don'ts of naming a baby.

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