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"Odd Wisconsin" captures state's quirky characters

Published Oct. 9, 2007

Great things come in small packages sometimes. Witness Erika Janik's compelling volume, "Odd Wisconsin: Amusing, Perplexing and Unlikely Stories from Wisconsin's Past," a 180-odd-page book packed full of interesting scenes from America's Dairyland.


Swank stricken with post-Oscar plague

Published April 6, 2007

Most people won’t catch on that "The Reaping" was the sub-par movie after an Oscar win because it's release was delayed two years. The movie was filmed in Louisiana in 2005, just after Hilary Swank’s win for “Million Dollar Baby” and during Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

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A Bible Thumper Weighs In

My guest writer today is a woman deserving of wider recognition. Sandra E. Graham is a grandmother living in northern Arizona, and today is looking at 8 inches of snow. She is witty, earthly, and survives the daily details of living with a wonderful laugh and a profound eye. An American grandmo...

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