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Is it finally time to cut the cord?

Published Nov. 28, 2016

With almost everything available on-demand online, cable and satellite TV are pretty archaic. Today, AT&T acknowledged this by unveiling DIRECTV Now, a streaming service that will go head-to-head with cable (and its own soon-to-be-discontinued U-Verse), for $35 a month.


The shows I watch and why

Published May 8, 2015

For me, watching "TV" is a matter of time management. I find time for things that provide value and create entertainment value in my life. I think you should too. So, here's a list of what I watch and why.


One hour service windows for cable customers?

Published Dec. 19, 2012

Time Warner Cable customers in Wisconsin, the company says, should now enjoy some of the shortest waits in the home service and delivery industry. One hour service for everyone! Have you tried it? Is it true?


Milwaukee media loves Summerfest

Published June 28, 2012

It's the world's largest music festival, it brings out hundreds of thousands of people, and it's located on the lakefront - Summerfest is a promotions dream for area radio and TV stations and all media outlets.


Love or hate them, the movies I can’t turn off

Published Feb. 12, 2008

Tonight, I stumbled upon “The Truman Show” on Showtime. Not one of my favorites, though I did indeed like it at the time. But for some reason, I keep watching it every single time.

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