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TV for sale: Products pitched within the show

Published Nov. 15, 2012

Product placement in the entertainment industry isn't new. As a viewer, sometimes it is annoying. Other times, it is simply something we must endure to enjoy the "free" programming we've come to love.


Me 'n' my Caddy

Published Jan. 27, 2008

This is definitely the dopest ride I've ever owned.


Elvis or no Elvis, Vegas weddings are unique adventures

Published March 16, 2007

Thousands of lovebirds -- approximately 130,000 couples every year -- choose to express their undying love in the heart of Sin City. tracked down a few of these couples to find out more about saying "I do" on The Strip.

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Open Door Policy

Friday January 4th, 2013 – Fox Lake, IL/Nashville, TN    It took four days for the first crisis of 2013 to pop up, and I’ll take that as a positive. It’s been a lot sooner in other years, so hopefully things are improving. I must say I didn’t fully expect it t...

Paring Down And Catching Up

Friday July 29th, 2011 - Cary, IL/Fox Lake, IL   More running around today, but I have to catch up with all the things I’ve fallen behind on in the last month. Even though I took time off, my bills didn’t. I’m going to have to be extra thrifty in the next little while ...

The Eyes Have It

Tuesday May 3rd, 2011 - Gurnee, IL/Chicago, IL   Up early to go get a new pair of glasses. I hadn’t had an eye exam in a while and had no idea what it all would cost. I’ve always paid for my own glasses, and it’s been expensive. I’ve heard that a lot of people ha...

Radio Routing

Tuesday April 26th, 2011 - Rockford, IL/Madison, WI   Enough with the gas prices already. Every day gets worse, and of course Mr. Lucky has to pick this particular time in recent history to drive a war pig gas drinking 1983 Cadillac Fleetwood that gets worse mileage than the Space Shutt...

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