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Sometimes, a tree is just a tree

Published Nov. 30, 2011

It seems like every year we have this bogus semantic debate about the marketing of Christmas. Or the holidays. Whatever. And every year, I roll my eyes and ask, "Haven't we got more important things to think about?"


Oh, Christmas tree. What to do with you?

Published Nov. 21, 2009

While scouring the pages of the December '09 issue of "This Old House" I came across a cool little piece on 10 ways to reuse and / or recycle your Christmas tree once the season ends.

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What Tree is This?

Is the 30-foot tall evergreen  tree in the Wisconsin Capitol Rotunda really a Christmas Tree?  Since 1985 trees like it have been officially referred to as "holiday trees", a euphemism designed to obfuscate the  obvious Christian symbolism of the tree. But now Gov. Scott ...

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