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DPW works to green five MPS schoolyards this summer

Published July 13, 2016

Thanks to support from the Ceres Foundation, five MPS schools are getting new green space this summer, owing to the efforts of Kimberly Kujoth and Scott Baran, who work for the City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works' forestry department.


Downtown's whimsical dinosaur footprints

Published Dec. 21, 2015

Whether walking, biking or driving in Downtown Milwaukee you should always look around. There's a lot to see. Look up, look down and look all around. There's wonder, like dino prints, everywhere.


Please water a street tree

Published Aug. 4, 2015

With no significant recent rainfall coupled with summer heat, the City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works officials are asking citizens to give newly planted trees a drink.


Are "parklets" safe for diners and drinkers?

Published July 15, 2015

Because parklets jut out into the street, the question of safety often arises. Recently in Los Angeles, a driver crashed into a parklet. Although nothing this tragic has happened in Brew City, some Milwaukeeans still say they feel safer sitting on the sidewalk or in a patio behind the business.

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