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"Burning Man" documentary asks the ultimate burning question

Published July 10, 2013

Filmmaker and Milwaukee native Julie Pifher hoped to find some more possible answers to the ultimate question: What is the meaning of life? Her quest led to her to a desert colony of 60,000 people driving homemade cars and covered in paint and neon lights. Don't bother looking for this desert city now because like a sandy version of Atlantis, it's gone without a trace. Unlike the mythical water-logged city, its demise is all a part of the plan.


Documentary illuminates OLB's efforts

Published April 27, 2013

When Lane Hall and Lisa Moline set up a rally near their home in Wauwatosa with a simple illuminated "Recall Walker" sign, they had no idea it would ignite a world-wide movement called The Overpass Light Brigade (OLB). A documentary about OLB's success debuts in Milwaukee on Thursday, May 2.


Adoption documentary "Stuck" finds temporary home in Milwaukee

Published April 24, 2013

Craig Juntunen's personal experience with adoption led him to take a closer look into the process. What he found unnerved and motivated him to voice his concerns across the nation with "Stuck," a feature-length documentary he produced through his Both Ends Burning Campaign. The campaign facilitates adoption reform dedicated to stopping the decline of adoption and the ensuing increase in orphaned and abandoned children.

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