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4 lessons we can learn from Paris

Published Nov. 16, 2015

My kid asked me, "What if ISIS wins?" I said, "ISIS isn't going to win." ISIS wants these attacks to be a PR coup that makes it look stronger and more threatening than it is. ISIS wants to look like it's on par with the rest of the world. It's not.


Finding Père Jacques Marquette in his birthplace ... and mine

Published Sept. 2, 2015

I don't remember anymore why I was searching for information about Jesuit priest and 17th century explorer Jacques Marquette, the university's namesake, but I do remember sitting in my office searching for background information when I made a really cool discovery: Père Marquette and I were both born in Laon, a city in the north of France. Years later, I would finally return to our birthplace, a trip that lives in me in ways I never thought it would.


A Chicago/Milwaukee metroplex faces many obstacles

Published July 19, 2012

There seems to be very little discussion about whether consolidating Chicago and Milwaukee would be a good thing. It's as if everyone has decided that big is better and now we just have to work out the details. There's an old axiom that I believe in that says "Just because you can do something doesn't necessarily mean you should do it."


Absinthe refreshes some, but leaves sanity intact

Published Feb. 21, 2009

Legendary is the allure of absinthe, and the Green Fairy cast its spell on everyone from painter Vincent van Gogh to author Oscar Wilde to composer Erik Satie and many of their 19th and early 20th century contemporaries. And we just gave it a taste test.

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