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Report says County should replace three key buildings as soon as possible

Published Sept. 25, 2017

A new Public Policy Forum report on the state of Milwaukee's City- and County-owned buildings calls for the replacement - "as soon as possible" - of three Milwaukee County properties: the Safety Building and Medical Examiner's Office on the western end of Downtown, and the Mental Health Complex on the County Grounds.


Finding the good in local government

Published Aug. 14, 2014

One of the easiest things to do is to find something wrong and then run out and criticize a local government about it. So I think it's only fair to occasionally give a nod to stuff that people do for citizens that makes life a lot easier.


Using regionalism to mask failure

Published Nov. 3, 2013

I was intrigued for several reasons by the recent comments from Democratic candidate for governor, Mary Burke. Most surprising was her courage in finally taking a stance on any topic related to Wisconsin politics. However, it was her comments about education, and her trust in mother government, that got my attention.

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How a Shutdown Could Affect Small Business

We have been here before and it is never a fun ride. The last shutdown cost the taxpayers about $800 million in wages.  During the shutdown of 1995, 800,000 non-essential workers were furloughed, without pay.   The chance that the gov't will have a shutdown is pretty stressful to p...

Sleeping With Scott

I've been on several dates with Scott Walker recently, but we haven't actually slept together yet. Take one day last week for example.  After getting my daughter off to school, the dog walked and then bathed from the gritty spring thaw clinging to his underbelly, I drive down to a loc...

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