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Ridiculous plot keeps "Non-Stop" from taking off

Published March 1, 2014

A viewer buys a ticket and grabs a seat in "Non-Stop" in the hopes of being suckering into ignoring the rules of reality, going along for the ride and having some thrilling nonsense B-movie mystery fun. Unfortunately, I could never buy into Liam Neeson's latest.


"Hitchcock" - fact or fiction?

Published Dec. 15, 2012

Patrick McGilligan wrote "Alfred Hitchcock: Life in Darkness and Light" in 2003 and currently teaches a class at Marquette University on the famed auteur. I sat down with the local author to discuss "Hitchcock" and to differentiate between Hitchcock facts and Hollywood fabrications.


"Hitchcock" delves into the mind of the master of suspense

Published Dec. 10, 2012

Movies about legendary historical figures almost always carry extra weight on their shoulders. But, "Hitchcock" went there, and emerged relatively unscathed with a clever, if superficial, homage to the master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock.


Metcalf's DVD Screening Room: April 26, 2008

Published April 26, 2008

Why is "Michael Clayton" so successful? It is completely self-contained and at its core, its ambition is to be nothing more than an entertainment. Just like a Hitchcock film.

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