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Walker proves unfit to lead on foreign policy with Iran deal comments

Published Aug. 18, 2015

Before he officially announced he was running for president, for example, Walker's clearest statement about foreign policy was that he was perfectly capable of taking on the militant Islamic group ISIS after he stood up to Wisconsin's teachers. Crazy. But now that he's in the race for real, he's getting more outlandish with his foreign policy pronouncements. And, if possible, crazier.


Stewart makes fine move from "Daily Show" to drama with "Rosewater"

Published Nov. 17, 2014

Much like Stewart's incredibly influential television show, "Rosewater" is about navigating through troubling political times, topics and outrages with lightness, humor and humanity. And for the most part, the funnyman does a respectable job with his first go-around, his familiarity with the melding of politics and humor mostly making up for his unfamiliarity with writing and directing for the big screen.


Realism makes "Offside" feel right

Published June 9, 2007

The film -- one of at least three made in 2006 with the title “Offside” -- barely has any football in it at all. Filmed in large part during Iran’s World Cup 2005 qualifier against Bahrain, “Offside” is the story of women forced to disguise themselves as men -- with varying degrees of success -- to slip past stadium security and see the match.


"Secret Ballot" captures slow-moving desert life

Published Sept. 5, 2002

Can a film about a desert be fast-paced? Should it be? "Secret Ballot," written and directed by Irani filmmaker Babak Payami, suggest not and who can argue with a film of this quality?

Reader blogs:

Iran Talks Doomed

"We would negotiate with the Satan to deter its evil......The nuclear talks showed the enmity of America against Iran..Islam and Muslims."  Supreme Leader Ali Khameini of Iran  (Reuters, Jan. 10, 2014)In this statement to Iranian media, Khameini inadvertently gave away the end...

Bibi's Red Line

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin ("Bibi") Netanyahu told the UN yesterday that  if Iran crosses the threshold  of enriching uranium to  90%  U-235 (1),  Iran must be stopped from building atomic weapons by any means necessary, including military force.  Sinc...

Crunch Time in Iran

"Wait for what? Wait until when?"  Israeili Prime Minister Benjamin NetanyahuThis quotation, coupled with the evacuation of the Canadian embassy in Tehran,  is a sign that the Israeli government has decided to bomb Iran's nuclear facilities  soon, probably in October...

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