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"The Hungry Hungry Games" brings parody to Panem

Published Oct. 28, 2013

Actress Emma Orelove wasn't expecting to become a fan of Suzanne Collins' bestselling book series "The Hunger Games" when it first came out. But she did, and now, she's playing the series' iconic heroine, Katniss Everdeen. Well ... kind of.


"The Hunger Games" will have you dying for more

Published March 23, 2012

After much anticipation, "The Hunger Games" has arrived. The big-screen adaptation of Suzanne Collins' first young adult novel in her Hunger Games trilogy is almost guaranteed a blockbuster smash from its literary fans. "Hunger Games" should not, however, be relegated to "Twilight" status by the uninitiated - this newest YA sensation packs serious substance and has been translated into a powerful movie experience.

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Rev. Ron reviews "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire"

The Hunger Games never really interested me so I never read the books and never bothered to see the film in the theaters. However, when it was released on DVD, I gave it a shot because I will give every movie a chance (how do I know if something that looks like it won't entertain me ends up enter...

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