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Local school musicians hit high notes

Published Dec. 2, 2010

I've gotten news in the past two days of two suburban public schools that are rockin' some fun -- and inspiring -- musical news.


Indigo Girls bring Southern comfort to Brew City

Published Sept. 15, 2005

After weeks of drowning in sadness and empathy for the South's hurricane devastation, the Midwest finally celebrated Southern joy during the Indigo Girls' nearly sold-out performance on Wednesday night in Milwaukee's stunning Pabst Theater.

Reader blogs:

Flooded with emotions

The beads are brighter, the banners hanging all over the city seem vibrant, and the people’s laughter music to the ears. It’s hard to believe there is another city in America that represents the heartbeat of a nation struggling to survive, more than New Orleans.With the Haiti disaster...

Love And Haiti

Friday January 15th, 2010 - Chicago, IL   Another full day of play practice today, but that wasn’t really what’s on my mind. We’ll be able to pull this off when the curtain goes up tomorrow night. We’ve all put in a ton of time and effort getting this project to ...

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