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Little League World Series sparks questions about youth sports

Published Aug. 26, 2014

I spent a lot of time in the last week watching the Little League World Series baseball games, but watching these kids I found myself wondering whether it's really a good thing for kids to take something like baseball this seriously at this early an age.


Diamonds in the Rough contest

Published March 17, 2008

I never played organized ball, so maybe you think I'm not the guy to judge the Diamonds in the Rough Contest, which rewards young people who built character playing baseball. But, I think you're wrong.


Coaches, parents can rob youth sports of fun

Published Sept. 1, 2006

While watching the Little League World Series unfold last weekend, OMC columnist Dave Begel admired the athleticism, was revolted by the conduct of parents and offers a cautionary tale about perspective.

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