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Social Circle: Would you move somewhere warm if you could?

Published March 24, 2013

Milwaukeeans like to complain about winter a lot, and for some, it's more sincere than others. Hence, this week, asked the Social Circle if they would really move somewhere warm, if it were feasible.


Surf's up

Published Jan. 12, 2013

Surfing has invaded our life in and out of the sea, it's our new addiction and I hope if you have the opportunity, you'll give it a try too. And even if you can't get in the water, try to surf your way through life.


Maui souvenirs

Published Jan. 6, 2012

I just landed back on the mainland after a week in Maui. There should be rehab facilities for re-entry into "normal" life after an island getaway. Leaving behind daily beach walks, yoga with a soundtrack of waves, horseback riding through tropical forests, fresh fruit and fish beyond fantastic, swimming in warm, aqua water and highly available, decadent cocktails was not an enjoyable moment. I did, however take home some precious, immaterial souvenirs that will stay with me forever. I didn't have to shove them in my sand-filled suitcase, so I thought I'd spill them out here.


Sunny getaways brighten up Wisconsin winter

Published Dec. 28, 2004

Even Milwaukeeans who love a winter blanketed in white could use a break from the harsh weather. If you're looking to leave the state or the States this winter, check out OMC's editors' picks for sunny, beachy and breathtaking getaways.

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