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Remembering Adonis Ames, Milwaukee's elastic man

Published Jan. 13, 2017

Milwaukee's own John A. Krause, more popularly known at the turn of the century as world-renowned contortionist Adonis Ames, bent over backwards to become famous - and paid for it by dying before he was 30 years old.


Deputy Chief Jim Ley catalogs history of Milwaukee firehouses

Published Jan. 12, 2017

There are books I keep on my desk because they are not only fascinating - with every page you flip to offering some sort of interesting detail on Milwaukee history - but because they're also encyclopedic. Jim Ley's new book has now become one of them.


The altercation at the Alternate Site

Published Jan. 2, 2017

By mid-1972, the Alternate Site had settled into peaceful co-existence with its neighbors, the police and ordinary citizens enjoying warm summer days along Milwaukee's lakefront. That is, until July 2, 1972, when an altercation broke out.

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