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Social Circle: What's awesome about your mom?

Published May 12, 2013

This week, in honor of Mother's Day, we asked the Social Circle what makes or made their mom particularly awesome, and the responses ranged greatly, from "she made me" to "she loved life and lived it uncompromisingly."


Local mom aims for the bullseye with Quivvers

Published Dec. 26, 2012

Amy Barnum grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and she was inspired by the spirit of invention at a young age. Recently, the Whitefish Bay mother of five created Quivvers, reversible, cross-body straps that carry personal items.


The "Mega MILF"

Published June 1, 2011

The '90s introduced us to an amped-up version of the fashion model: the super model. I now propose a triple caffeinated, monster charged, supped up variation on the hot mom: the Mega MILF.


Schiff blends 1913 with 2010

Published Sept. 10, 2010

Janet Schiff, a Milwaukee cellist and the founder of the band 1913, recently appeared on's "100 coolest Milwaukeeans (that you've heard of)" list. The fact that she's a single mom, cancer survivor and recent college graduate are just a few more reasons why she made the list.


Just Between Friends is a giant bargain bin for thrifty parents

Published April 14, 2010

It's spring cleaning time and for parents of young children, there's often no greater feeling than bagging up all the clothes and toys the kids have outgrown and ditching them forever. But, as they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure. This is the basic principal behind Just Between Friends.

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