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OMC: Not just a local, online magazine

Published Nov. 24, 2007 readers often refer to the site as “OMC,” but it’s certainly not the only OMC out there. Remember the band OMC?


Pardon our dust as we launch a brand new OMC

Published May 25, 2007

Please pardon me if this blog is a little less coherent than what you may (or may not) be used to reading from me. As I wrote this, we were heading into our 14th hour of work last night in a week that's felt basically non-stop.


Green Bay Replay: Saints 34, Packers 27

Published Sept. 18, 2006

The Packers showed some signs of improvement on Sunday, but victory fell out of their reach when they were unable to maintain their early momentum and squandered an early 13-point lead.

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I was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. While most parents took their brood on cramped road trips in the summer, my large family stayed home.There was never any money to go on vacations and we did not always have a working vehicle.Imagine two perky parents and two grumpy kids in the backseat. N...

40 of 40: Day 38

I've never been short on people who love me.I've just been short.  5'6"Before I make that relevant, let me says I'm not going to cheat you out of a blog each of the last three days.So, I was at OMC's MAD MEDIA party tonight with a good girl friend of mine.  We both, oddly, had the ...

Deliver Us From Mr. Lucky

Reposted by the author from a Talkback:   Is there a reason OMC insists on continuing to allow Mr. Lucky a forum for his daily nonsense? His tenuous status as a "community blogger" notwithstanding, his navel-gazing self-pity normally having absolutely zero to do with M...

Hating at its finest

You lurk on OMC waiting for your "favorites" to write a blog or post a comment only to give it a rating of "1". Clearly I, (and a few others you have stalked) have said something that you didn't quite agree with, and now you make it your mission to share the s...

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