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School's dads group lifts off with soaring paper airplanes event

Published Dec. 7, 2012

A loop of video showing the Blue Angels soaring through the heavens was projected on a screen above the stage in the gymnateriatorium at Maryland Avenue Montessori. Despite their speed and acrobatics, they couldn't hold a flame - blue or otherwise - to the aircraft soaring around the school's combined gym, cafeteria and auditorium after school on Thursday.


Know your AYP from your elbow: Becoming an informed public school parent

Published Sept. 11, 2011

A public school system with more than 80,000 kids, 5,000 teachers and nearly 200 schools generates a lot of information. How can parents keep up with it all? And more, importantly, how can they make sure it's all in the best interests of their children? We asked some experts.

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